Roselandia 12/12/12 @ 12:12

Prelude to a theme…


Today we set sail from an old world to a new vision. The transition or journey is already a current of energy running through us, pulling us like a tow rope.

Beginning in the Solar year on February 4, 2103 the Annual Flying Stars (magic square) are said to fly home.

This means the luck stars (number patterns) will align with the original grid that rotates every 10 years in a short cycle. The luck stars will be aligned with the universal directions in the origins of the Taoist zodiac animals.

This alignment dates back over 4000 years in Earth’s history and resets the clock. When the luck stars fly home they increase their luck potency.

Quote: “The Shēngxiào (Chinese: 生肖), better known in English as the Chinese Zodiac, is a scheme, a systematic plan of future action, that relates each year to animal and its reputed attributes, according to a 12-year mathematical cycle.” unquote.

Daoist Symbols Qing Yang Gong Chengdu

Daoist Symbols Qing Yang Gong Chengdu

Each of the 12 zodiac signs (animals not constellations) will have their primary number align in it’s home palace.

The “home palace” position (location of the compass) resonates with it’s own essential element (5 elements) and makes the luck stars more fortunate and long lasting. They add, rather than subtract, since they replicate. Life will click into “place” and the pieces will fit together, better than ever.

Quote: “Precession results in Western astrology’s zodiacal divisions not corresponding in the current era to the constellations that carry similar names,[3] while Jyotiṣa measurements still correspond with the background constellations.[4]”” unquote.

In the zodiac signs of the Tao (12 animals, symbols) signs (symbols) do not get lost or migrate away (as the standardized, star constellations do from our planets view) it is a stationary system. It names the slots, not the spots.

The zodiac animals signs of the Tao don’t move, time moves around them. So in this way they are a reliable system to attune with, in-the-now, so long as they are properly progressed.


Bunny Proclamation

Jupiter, known as the “Grand Duke” in the Chinese pantheon predates China becoming unified as a country by thousands of years and is currently (actually -as a physical planet) in the sign of the Horse.

It will move to the Goat sign next year in 2013. The system is now two whole signs ahead (on the elliptic and on the compass) of where it is being celebrated as coming into the snake. In reality of the now, that is already past.

It is already gone from that sign a few years back. So those of you who like to be progressive, connected and authentic in your practices of earth nature and her cycles can stay ahead of the game by getting properly aligned.

You need to know where you are, to find where you are going.

The animal symbols are not transitory like the Western Greek based astrology system. A system that is tied to migrating constellations -or the Hindu sidereal system (unhinged from our planets elliptic.)

Zodiac Signs Wheel

Zodiac Signs Wheel

These animal signs are symbols (with character references) that align to correspond with our (transitory) pole star and our compass points.

They are said to “stand guard” for that reason and watch or “gua-yin” “watch-over” space in time. This story creates myth and manifests reality in the tapestry that is life.

And when properly realigned (adjusted for drift and procession) to move ahead with the equinox procession (Earth’s clock) the patterns that we have in “actuality” (or actualization of realization, in the now) bring us full circle.

Full circle into the “here and now” to engage us in our world, in a new and progressively, meaningful and dynamic ways. We will have new super powers.

Next-up: I’ll be posting your Lucky Stars & Signs for the new moon cycle, in the Rat sign, on 12/13. This is a potent and powerful moon cycle for emerging with anything, new-new and for revivals and being reborn.

Pig Centric

Pig Centric

& Saturn’s rings are now making this new-world very pig-centric for the next 2.5 years so we can chat about that, too! Along with that are the details on the Holy Navel alignment of our galaxy with the center of the universe on the Winter Solstice, 12/21, 2012.

Space Frontiers:

Space Junk 3D

How far in space did we go? Take a look at our tell-tale, trail and you’ll know. We seem especially good at atmospheric pollutants. What burns, quicker, faster, longer and without residue than oil? I’m maybe a lone wolf but I believe it will be in the realm of magnetism, metals &/or the bio-power of creatures.

Bio-power is creature energy, like with cats. I’ve seen cats (and other creatures do marvelous feats of fancy) attack each other and while in mid-air they barely touch one another. Whiskers aligned.. and in that moment Shazzam! Each cat instantly flies off in completely opposite directions from one another. So what powerful supply of energy allows creatures to defy gravity in such a way? Or a lizard, lazily hangs around in mid air above us.

These are each magnetic moments in a magnetic field. Maybe that is why it looks, feels and sounds like magic! What can draw things together can also repel them and this component overrides combustion as a system of bio-dynamics since it is already in operation around us all the time.

This is the answer and the question.

All the time we see abnormalities to the life-gravity quotient and we accept them. And yet we do not hang from the ceiling so easily. But with our own ingenuity and some borrowed antics and understanding of animals and our creature friends maybe we can defy some of the laws of gravity? Yes, we can.

An ancient formula for being the Captain of Your Soul and the Master of Your Destiny is to understand this underlying, fundamental formula of your existence:

1). conceive, (2). believe, (3). receive.

Shortcut: What you are believing, is always what you are receiving.

This is always happening on every level whether you know it (conscious of it) or not, in order to demonstrate reality.


Roselandia is a portfolio collection of a few of my art projects in 2012 ~

See you for the potent, powerful, Rat New Moon on 12/13-12!

Ganesha & 3rd Eye


Kanesha & 3rd Eye

I Am | Heart Liberation ~ Love Revolution [Mason Street Murals, public art, Santa Barbara, CA]