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wheel_of_fortunesNew Moon Hare | solar eclipse

January 26, 2017 is an annual, Solar New Moon Eclipse that sits in the sign of the Hare. In a multitude of ways it’s a saving grace. Positive for Matriarch luck: great for girls. A full ring of fire completely subdues the dark to leave a lasting impression. In literature we would call this a page turner. Staying up and reading through the wee hours just to see what happens next. Pace yourself there is a lot that will unravel from this mystic navel.


Hare O’ Mega

Planets: Mercury (messenger), Sun (image), Moon (moods), Neptune (harmony), Ascendant (horizon), Part of Fortune (money spot) and Chiron (healer) all align in the sign of the Hare. The means our goals and aspirations will align quite sufficiently with greater clarity. For some it will feel good and for some it can be overwhelming. Just know that what comes out of this void will have enormous potential and staying power. In the initial start phase it can feel unbalanced and off center. Self care is key to success.

nasa-pictures-wallpaper-18Dragon Ratio

Planets: Venus (love & luxe), Mars (energy), and Uranus (chaos) are in a tight formation.  Venus and Mars suggest they are held capture by a Dragon who is hell bent. Struggle and confusion may not garner the results you seek. Easy does-it, right now the system is lopsided. As Venus follows Mars over some rough terrain in the next few weeks bad situations will improve. A month form now the worst will be behind you.

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Bird Business

The Node (key) sits on the descending side of the New Moon (beginnings) chart in the Bird sign. It’s the western ridge of the compass. This aspect can feel more like you are being pricked than finding a golden opportunity in a stack of straw. The truth is that whats “needles” you enough to get your attention has greater realizations. It might even feel like you are on the wrong side and everything is stacked against you. The power of the small will be amplified and if you allow it to show you a way through, it can act as a weather vane to lead to a big bonanza of cash flows. Follow the thread.

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science InstituteGranddaddy Saturn

Planet: Saturn (time) the task master is taking his time getting through the Rat sign. This is an extended sojourn that seems to be a never ending saga. This placement on the crown gives new meaning to old ideals and clears the cobwebs form our thought process. It’s almost as if a log-jam finally broke free of its constraints and a new way of thinking can elevate the complications morass of our modern drama. On this celestial event you can reset  goals, reconfigure your moral compass, settle old scores and make peace with your ambitions. Discard that past and surrender to a renewal period.

pia13500Mad Cow

Planet: Pluto (fate) is still in the Ox and he is just took a new position of power and influence by eclipsing his opponent. This action levels the playing field with a new set of standards that support the old guard and throws cold water on a group of spoilers. Pluto above all, stands on ceremony. The cow is sacred and Pluto is dead set against any monkey business that can upset the apple cart. This new influence puts a drag or governor on the reigns of unbridled ambitions to slow unfounded and risky notions.

nasa planet 9 art_1_1400Bird Moon Rising

A Full Moon in the Bird sign on March 12 hits the 30 after burner for our most recent, Lunar Eclipse on the 10th of February. It’s such a crazy happenstance that you can win the Jackpot or lose the farm depending on where your signs align. In the scheme of things Birds manage money so expect revealing reports from the bean counters. Revelations of epic proportions reveal wallet draining sink holes. Those that fare best are on the Sunny side of the Hare where a bright spot brings a lucky break and plush is the outcome.

ring_of_fire_royalty_freeHere are your Lucky Dozen Zodiac signs for the flying Stars and astrological constellations.

Wishing you Supreme Luck & Good Fortunes! Moon | weather vane

Lucky Rat | by China Rose Lucky Rat | Sagittarius constellation

Victory Luck and love luck bring a bounty of micro miracles and small money as a prelude to greater, good fortunes to come. Cycles have recently changed and the process should return more bounty and benefits to provide extra resources as you need them. The Ming tang is especially powerful in the next few days so play the game and toss your hat into the ring. You may get a big surprise! The flames of fortune will cool in the coming months then reignite for roll when good fortunes ripen and blossom, brilliantly. Stay tuned in.

Lucky Ox | by China Rose Lucky Ox | Capricorn constellation

Cows get a forward looking position in the current parade of planetary action. You are not bogged down by the usual red, rope you can just, join the party. Use some prudence and avoid over doing it. The Peach blossom luck and the Illness star suggest too much of one thing and not enough of the other, is unsettling to your gut instincts. Balance personal life with your heavy load by slowing down on the road. Good fortunes are just around the bend, headed your way. Don’t make any demands just let-it play out naturally.

Lucky Tiger | by China Rose Lucky Tiger | Aquarius constellation

Peach blossom luck and the illness star are a raunchy pair of side kicks that seem to keep dragging you down and holding you up from all the stuff you thought you could tackle on your own. But sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. This is where rubber meets the road. Once you get over this hump you’ll be home free. The lucky stars will provide the kind of support you are looking for in a way you had hoped for. Just give it a few weeks to unfold while you acclimate to a different pace and tone. Go easy, tread lightly.

Lucky Hare | by China Rose Lucky Hare | Pisces constellation

Wealth luck of the Infinity star and Victory luck are flying banners for your great good fortunes. You can expect to rapidly expand your empire right as the Hare is hosting an extra stellar cadre of players. Lucky stars are A-list, top notch, and high rolling to deliver your fondest wishes and dreams come true. The only catch is, don’t wait. Waste no time in setting the wheels in motion. You will experience a lag time and in late April the pace quickens again. Seed your desires in advance of these fluctuations.

Lucky Dragon | by China Rose Lucky Dragon | Aires constellation

Fire star of fortunes and danger star have the Dragon in a pretzel of a problem. You can’t seem to brake out of this mess under you tear off a limb. There is a better way. Give it a few weeks and watch the tide turn. Belching brimstone about dissatisfaction is not the best choice for keeping the troops happy. In order to achieve your goals you need to back down and stay grounded. Let the wheel turn and watch what changes bring bounty your way. Struggle and you may scare it away.

Lucky Snake | by China Rose Lucky Serpent | Taurus constellation

A wild Fire star of fortunes and sharp danger star make a tricky combination this month. Unless you are a knife thrower stay away from sharp objects. In a few weeks the landscape will change dramatically. It will be like going form nothing to everything in the blink of an eye. No- the mode right now seems down right dour. Give it a week or so and I’m certain the to shape will shift to a positive uptick. Pay outs and settlements that look good for income and your long term financial well-being are scheduled for a boost.

Lucky Horse | by China Rose Lucky Horse | Gemini constellation

Accident star and fighting star have the horse hamstrung and hog tied right now. The year will be a stickler and a pickler that is sure to chafe at your sides and rub you the wrong way. The part for you to remember is this won’t be all the time and it won’t last forever. Ride out this rough patch and keep going. It might not seem like it now but the less you fight and the more your surrender the better it will become. Your stars say yield, now, willingly and in time things will perform better than expected.

Lucky Goat | by China Rose Lucky Goat | Cancer constellation

The Danger star and Accident star will trip you up and step you down a notch if you are not careful. By careful I mean cautious and considerate at every turn and on each part of a process. The margin for error is not in your favor so you need to offset this awkward set of circumstances. the trick is to not make things worse than they are. They usual approach to plow through to accomplish what you want won’t work. You need to  scale back expectations and sit still, more often.

Lucky Monkey | by China Rose Lucky Monkey | Leo constellation

Monkey has the Danger star and Accident star bringing a world of hurt and pain if you don’t abstain from over reaching and side stepping standard requirements. Count your blessings everyday and make a habit of finding the blessing in every situation. The most you resist the more madness will persist. Scholarly works and concentrated efforts will keep you on the right track and make sure your security checks are up to date.

Lucky Bird | by China Rose Lucky Bird | Virgo constellation

Fighting star likes to peck things to death and that is not the best remedy. Instead let go of all your critical concerns and allow the sonic love luck star to generate more small inflows of income through mini miracles that can add up. The cutting edge you want is not in  extreme fussing its in relaxation and fresh air. To boost the love luck and academic success of the positive star wear something that sparkles and don’t make too much noise.

Lucky Dog | by China Rose Lucky Dog | Libra constellation

This years illness star has the fire star of fortunes torching the daylights out of your best laid plans and even those that are on rough territory. Though you have jovial Jupiter in your sign there is just too much weighing you down to put things in proper perspective. The only way to see clearly is by closing your eyes and getting some sleep. Nothing is worth risking your health so be on guard to reduce stress.

Lucky Pig | by China Rose Lucky Pig | Scorpio constellation

Th Illness star and fire star of fortunes has too many ways to cause trouble if you don’t slow down and head the warning signs. be sure to get plenty of rest and hydrate. This is a cautious year of avoiding trouble so if you haven’t pulled back on excessive ambitions now is the time to do so. The current fire star defeats most of the drama so its better to let the elements work for you and not against. Above all else stay calm.

Coming on KittySol: Jupiter is now retrograde and Venus will go retrograde before the next Full Moon so be cautious in shifting investments to avoid unseen risk. Flying Stars change on the 6th and the next Full Moon is in the Bird sign on March 12th. Get more Good Fortunes on KittySol.com



















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