Urban Wild | sidewalk gardens & meadows

Urban Wild | sidewalk gardens and meadows virtual gallery showing for a series, collection. The everyday beauty of the Pacific Northwest in the heart of the Willamette Valley.


Planets are locked in a tight configuration for this coming Valentines day celebration.

In 2020 the Danger Star 7 (the dagger) flies to the Center Palace. This collection is offered as a custom, coffee table book which will offset the damage of such a destructive Star. Browsing the pages will energize the positivity of a Zen Mode which improves heartfelt circulation and comfort.

Available as a gorgeous, hardcover book in large profile 11″ x 14″ full color panels on Eco-green, archival pages.

✨Best Feng Shui cure 2020!

A Perfect Gift using Venmo – Order Book: $125

Or PayPal – Order Book: $125

Price includes shipping and is signed by Artist China Rose.

— Read on spark.adobe.com/page/kL0GeouSi4jj5/

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