Wolfish Moons

Gypsy Fortune Teller

Gypsy Fortune Teller

♥ Past, Present and Future

At the start of January 2016 a retrograde Jupiter and Mercury conjoined forces and pretty much put a freeze on forward progression toward a fresh beginning.


♠ Begin Again

Deliberate and calculating, the 1st New Moon and Sun, on January 9th, 2016 arrived in the sign of the Ox. In stark contrast the 1st Full Moon in the Monkey and Sun in the Tiger on January 23rd, was playful and uncommitted. This Wolfish set of celestial markers crashed our new year’s party with the Unresolved vs. the New Resolutions. Luckily, Mercury went forward (direct motion on the elliptic path) on January 25th giving us a new, revolution on the wheel.

Explore America's Wildlife

Explore America’s Wildlife

♥ Astro Retread

All this is important because trying too-hard, or doing too-much will not budge the reality of being stuck in a loop or some other, goop. Now that we are past the elliptic swirl of awkward, backwardness we want to put some action back into our plans. But Jupiter and Mercury joined forces when they inter-looped, so the warped energy has an ongoing ripple-effect until Jupiter returns forward in April. Things you accomplished before the 25th of January may ricochet back. There is value in yet, another redo, re-edit or review.

Retro Clocks | background

Retro Clocks | background

♦ Now and Then

Usually Mercury is not a life altering situation but as Mercury made it’s moves, it double-crosses, then back-straps Pluto’s elliptical path. Pluto in the Ox will be seeking retribution. Luckily Venus has arrived to intervene and mediate this mess. Large foundations and educational structures are put on notice. A reset is not enough. Only a full-scale, reboot will fix it. Pluto holds the power of fate. What comes out of this hard, rub is either a genii in a bottle or a monster mash. Skeletons are sure to be rattled and banged-up a bit. Unsavory plots, deeply buried, and long forgotten (or covered-up) will rise-up on this cosmic occasion.

Out of Hearts

Out of Hearts

♣ Magic or Mayhem?

As if all that is not enough… These planetary influences takes the least important features and gives them precedent. Uncanny and mind-boggling, the kismet of missed opportunities, unsung love and lost treasure will be revealed. Not the usual, what-goes-around-comes around, any missed steps or procedural short-cuts are fair game for concern. The sacred and profane will be expressed in new terms and on new grounds. Unforeseen avenues will open up accountability on a brand, new scale.

Fortune Teller | circa 1905

Fortune Teller | circa 1905

♠ Planets in Motion

With the Sun in the Tiger sign we get a strong, fierce, self image to align with the symbols and imagery to express our intentions. Often the Tiger is concerned with the whole, over the sum of the parts. Pull out your visionary design and development projects and lay them on the table. These transits hep us to encompass, wholeness, without the usual neediness in the forefront of our lens. In February we get some unlikely cosmic, coupling with planetary pairs and triplets that shift the power base.

Judgement | Isidore tarot

Judgement | Isidore tarot

♥ Matter of Life

The full moon in January brought us a lunar aspect in the Monkey with the Ascendant hoovering over. This event has lingering after effect. Expect more “lift” in industrial settings. An ability to levitate objects will continue to expand our world on a terrestrial, plane. Talk about making a comeback… Mars is currently stirring-up toil and trouble in the Pig, as is proving to be a fixed, elemental force to be reckoned with.

Party Dragons

Party Dragons

♣ Lucky Stars ~ 2016

The Annual, Lucky Stars change on the Chinese Solar New year, February 4th. The Chinese Lunar New Year is in the sign of the Fire Monkey on February 8th. There are no planets in the Monkey as the cycles of Jupiter have long since passed the date structure of the ancient, Chinese Lunar calendar. Still it is a lively time to celebrate a new year and the extraordinary, lucky, Flying Star combinations that begin on February 4th give it a boost.

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Here are your Lucky Stars for the sun cycles, moon phases, planetary influences and flying stars patterns from January into February, 2016.

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Rat ~ rules mind

Constellation: Sagittarius / aka: mongoose, mouse / Direction: North (career) / Flying Stars: [7/7] {Danger Star} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time)

Rat Luck

My_Zodiac_RatRat luck has the cure for what ails it.  In 2016 the unlucky seven, a disaster for others, is a boon for you. The heavy, metal of the elements resolve the distress to create harmony out of conflict. Letting things take their natural course. This harmonic, motion-effect, resolves the negative star. It means that despite cutbacks you could strike it, rich. To empower the system to work for you, be kind and conservative. With these stars, any risk taking is catastrophic.

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Ox ~ governs status

Constellation: Capricorn / aka: cow, buffalo / Direction: East Northeast (scholarship) / Flying Stars: [5/5] {Danger Star & Lucky Sum of Ten} / Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate), Venus (love & Luxury), Mercury (messenger)

Ox Luck

My_Zodiac_OxOx luck is a rattle and a bang that knocks and clanks until the saints come in marching in. The stars in 2016 are pesky devils of undoing. Everything is being gutted for a restructuring to make the grade fair and even. The phenomenon of the Ho-Tu combination brings in a special component to wipe the slate clean. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to right, wrongs, willingly. The ability to reinvent yourself and reinvigorate a set of stale policies and out-of-date, procedures is highly, commendable.

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Tiger ~ projects vision

Constellation: Aquarius / Direction: Northeast (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: [5/5] {Danger Star & Lucky Sum of Ten} / Planetary Influences: Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods), Ascendant (horizon), Part of Fortune (lucky spot)

Tiger Luck

My_Zodiac_TigerTiger luck is hosting a set of power, players willing to promote change at any cost. Luck is messy and complicated in 2016. But there are hidden benefits. Under a pile of toil and trouble is a fortune for the finding and keeping. It won’t be easy or straight forward but there’s a huge reward when you unravel the misery. Beware of unsavory, agendas and the secret, motives of others. They create a volatile mix. With a Ho-Tu combo in your favor, your ultimate gains and successes are assured.

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Hare ~ saves grace

Constellation: Pisces / aka: cat, rabbit, fish / Direction: East (health and family) / Flying Stars: [9/9] {Miracle Star & Illness Star} Planetary Influences: Neptune (consciousness), Chiron (healer)

Hare Luck

My_Zodiac_HareHare luck turn’s profits from a bonfire of vanities. In 2016 purge the past and strip yourself of unruly, habits. It’s a surefire way to maximize fun and increase funding. As a sentimentalist Hare is nostalgic to the core of being but now it’s time to let go of the outmoded and obsolete. Releasing what doesn’t work allows you to focus on what does. This year is good or bad, which ever way you spin it. It’s like instant karma, everyday. Your greatest claim to fame comes from your spare, fanciful, nature.

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Dragon ~ instills vitality

Constellation: Aries / Direction: East Southeast (abundance) / Flying Stars: [1/1] {Illness Star & Quarreling Star} / Planetary Influences: Uranus® (Chaos)

Dragon Luck

My_Zodiac_DragonDragon luck is going on a holiday from all the toils and troubles that have plagued them over the last few years. In 2016 flying stars give dragons top billing. Though this may begin as a very, small part it leads to grander themes and wider, extravaganzas. Dragons lead the fashion parade into a frenzy of cultural expressions that appeal to the masses. The world is under your spell and everyone falls in love with the romantic notions of your questing and jesting. Be bold and go for it!

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Snake ~ distills wisdom

Constellation: Taurus / aka: snake / Direction: Southeast (income) / Flying Stars: [1/1] {Illness Star & Quarreling Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Snake Luck

My_Zodiac_SnakeSnake luck has the miracle star of love and money luck in 2016. Small change builds, big, fortunes fast. The serpentine path leads you to new avenues of income that you can claim as your own. Snakes like to belong where they go, they like to have and to hold, their hearts desire. After years of hardscrabble struggles, financial independence becomes a breeze and personal, enrichment supports the means to accomplish your goals. With this lap of luxury you get true love and wedding bells, will ring.

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Horse ~ delivers power

Constellation: Gemini / aka: twins / Direction: South (fame) / Flying Stars: [6/6] {Victory Star} / Planetary Influences: none at present

Horse Luck

My_Zodiac_HorseHorse luck flies the victory flag in 2016. The luck stars, lavish the horse in grand style and creature comforts. Victory luck gives you the competitive edge to remove any shadows of a doubt, about your talents and rising status. There is special magic in this years allotment of the luck factor and the horse has it. You can parlay this elemental, silver lining into a great achievement by Staying on course with your mission impossible and you’ll overcome every obstacle to win.

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Goatdesires peace

Constellation: Cancer / aka: sheep, deer, crab / Direction: Southwest (love) / Flying Stars: [8/8] {Wealth Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Goat Luck

My_Zodiac_GoatGoat luck is filled with treasures and pleasures to delight your senses and tickle you fancy. Everything adds up and up, for you my deer. Your luck is a jackpot that doubles to expand your income and produce valuables. The best way to help this process along is to not do what everyone is doing and intuitively, bank left. Your trek into this unknown venture nets you a mountain of gems to fill a cavern. In 2016 you can find your stride and climb to the top of the charts with it.

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Monkeydrives ambition

Constellation: Leo / Direction: Southwest West (talent) / Flying Stars: [8/8] {Wealth Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present {{Chinese Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey}}

Monkey Luck

My_Zodiac_MonkeyMonkey luck is rolling all aces. In 2016 luck stars are a bonanza of winners luck and wealth accumulation that keeps growing. You have a golden touch that mints money in royalties and residuals. This pay station goes into ad infinium. Allow yourself to expand your center of gravity and improve home base. The Super lucky Ho-Tu combination is active all year. Pack light and travel wide. Cloud Nine awaits your arrival into the stratosphere of your wildest dreams. Welcome aboard.

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Bird ~ esteems virtue

Constellation: Virgo / aka: phoenix, rooster, cock, hen / Direction: West (creativity) / Flying Stars: [4/4] {Peach Blossom Star} / Planetary Influences: Astro Year of the Bird ~ Grand Duke, Jupiter (benefic) [retrograde], True Node (key)

Bird Luck

My_Zodiac_BirdBird luck begins 2016 on a high note. The dark clouds that have dogged you will suddenly part and rays of sunshine will light your path. Your popularity is an increasing commodity and your test score are above board, requirements. You delight the masses with keen, insight and wise council they can bank on. The bird has peach blossom, luck for politicking and social climbing in hyper-drive. Refurbish an old flame or kindle fires that are new. Love luck is evergreen and true, the way you like it.

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Dog ~ serves duty

Constellation: Libra / aka: lion / Direction: West Northwest (travel) / Flying Stars: [3/3] {Peach Blossom Star & Accident Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Dog Luck

My_Zodiac_DogDog luck is cut back to redistribute the load in 2016. Downsize the scope of plans so you don’t carry a burden you can’t afford. There is a tendency to get into scraps and squabbles that don’t serve the better end. Look both ways before you jump into a battle. Practice silent meditation in the sanctuary of your choice to ease the pressures of a demanding world. Block-out distractions to manage work responsibilities. Don’t let petty differences interfere in the scheme of things. Clear the air and keep it clean.

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Pig ~ confers nobility

Constellation: Scorpio / aka: boar, eagle / Direction: Northwest (benefits) / Flying Stars: [3/3] {Peach Blossom Star & Accident Star} / Planetary Influences: Mars (energy)

Pig Luck

My_Zodiac_PigPig luck in 2016 is a self correcting exercise. It’s not about breaking into new territory. Refine whatever you have been toying with over time, sculpt what you have. Just like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly; shrink into your new self to reshape your bottom line. You’ll whittle away what you don’t want while sprucing up your best assets. Quiet contemplation of your loftiest, ideals will promote the success you are seeking in love and work. Practice the knowing of owning your dreams.

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♥♥ 2/14 Valentine’s day

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♦ 2/20 Sun in Hare

♣ 2/22 Full Bird Moon

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KittySol | 2016 Zodiac Calendar

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