Zodiac Muse

The Zodiac Muse podcast is new content for the KittySol blog and available on Apple podcast, Google Play and Spotify.

Zodiac Muse Podcast Art Cover

How do the stars align? Zodiac Muse, China Rose inspires minds for the luck of your life. This down to Earth podcast tracks cosmic events for the Sun, Moon and Feng Shui Flying Stars. Why leave your luck to chance? Listen to the Zodiac Muse and be lucky by design.

This page will soon offer details and information about the Zodiac Muse Podcast: the show notes, topics, podcasts, transcripts and bonus materials as well as other content information for ads and media briefs will be available here soon.

Check back for more updates on the coming Podcast, Zodiac Muse on KittySol.com

Goat Sun Solstice | 2022 Zodiac Muse

Rat Super Full Moon | 2022. The big and juicy Strawberry Moon reaches it's peak at 4:52 AM in the Pacific time zone on June 14th. Continue reading →
  1. Goat Sun Solstice | 2022
  2. Rat Super Full Moon | 2022
  3. June Flying Stars | 2022
  4. June Sun Moon & Stars | 2022
  5. Black Snake New Moon Solar Eclipse | April 30th 2022
  6. Dog Full Goddess Moon | April 16th 2022
  7. Dragon Equinox Sun and New Dragon Moon | March 2022
  8. Bird ~ Full Midnight Moon | March 2022
  9. Ox New Moon and Sun | January 2, 2022