China Rose

Writer, Director and Actor, China Rose is the writer/creator: zodiac muse and feng shui advisor of the KittySol blog. China Rose creates and publishes, original content in media: art, blog, film and podcasts for the the luck of your life!♥

China Rose ~ Photo Bio Gallery

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Described as “bold (with italics)” by her friends, China Rose believes in being lucky by design – all the time. As an artist, writer and filmmaker she provides services, delivers products and produces media to cultivate the luck of your life!


On the outside Kittysol means parasol or umbrella; the canopy of heavens and the stars above. On the inside each of us has a kittysol that belongs to this cosmos and connects to the stars from which we all originate. Bridging the cosmic wonder with the natural world is an everlasting, passion for China Rose.

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To help you find your fortune and discover your KittySol, China Rose publishes the lucky stars for all the Zodiac signs several times a month as they align to the compass.

China Rose is a self-possessed artist, writer filmmaker and media arts designer who thanks everyone for protecting & preserving our planet and its inhabitants. Earth is our heavenly host and there is no place, in all the universe, like our home. {Aloha}

KittySol TrailerZodiac Now 2012 / What’s Feng Shui

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  1. Hi, I’m interested in getting some Feng shui consulting for a rental home I’m moving into. Can you please let me know your availability and rates? Thank you!

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