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The Kittysol blog uses Flying Stars to help navigate the road to health, harmony and happiness for the luck of your life.

Flying Stars are a natural force of energy on the planet that is in operation affecting your life, whether you use it or not. It is always functioning. To harness the power of the flying stars a grid pattern is used. The basic premise is using the grid and a compass to harmonize negative stars and activate the good.

The Power GridFlying_Star_Grid

Flying Star patterns are the earliest form of human divination. Their use to increase lucky fortunes predates all known methods of astrology. This manner of divining is done using a compass and is the basis of the discovery of the compass. The typical Flying Star power grid is set in a tic tack toe formation. The stars (fields of energy) fly (move) on the grid (compass) in a predestined pattern called, time space dimension.

Universal Number

The Universal number is the stars “home” location and where it flies is called the direction. Flying Stars on the grid stay in the position they are home to. Added variations that move take place over time.

Mountain Stars

The mountain stars changes every 20 years and whatever number flies to the center governs the “mountain cycle” cycle for a period of 20 years. It does not replace the home grid, it adds to it.

Annual Stars

The annual star flies into the center (this creates motion within the grid as the star formations move) and changes annually. The universal star and mountain star that are present build the harmonic of motion inside this grid.

Monthly Stars

The monthly star moves in a pattern each month and flies into the grid location on a monthly cycle. With the stars moving through time, universal, mountain, annual and monthly think of the patterns as gears within gears. Like a watch it defines time but it also creates motion and a harmonic.

Harmony, Direction and Location

The Flying Stars have an elemental basis of their being and as such they either produce good, defeat bad, neutralize or exhaust energy called harmonics. The art of Flying Stars is understanding how these harmonic elements work as they move and change in a location grid that corresponds to compass points on Earth. How we work with them to channel and control elemental forces can improve good fortunes and defeat negative influences. Thus harnessing luck.

(1) Miracle Star

North Palace: White Mountain Star (1) is known as the miracle star. It is pure positivity for increasing small money, promoting special miracles and can bring forth true, love luck. It is considered a magic star, one that sparkles and shines like diamonds. It can give a person the serendipity or synchronicity for a lucky break or a lucky strike. Like magic it can turn fortunes from bad to good, overnight.

(2) Illness Star

Southwest Palace: Black Star (2) is known as Sarp Yit. This star is considered to cause contamination by unfortunate exposure and is negative to the core. The illness star brings depression, disease and physical distress when not properly cured and attended to. It is though of as soggy, soft and weak.

(3) Fighting Star

East Palace: Quarreling Star (3) is known as the green wood star of gnarling. It can cause bitter, angry words that lead to distress and instigates fighting. This is primarily the cause of third party interference in relationships. Its effects can produce unintended consequences, severe complications and unfortunate entanglements that lead to deep, regret and remorse.

(4) Peach Blossom Star

Southeast Palace: Peach Blossom (4) is known as the wood star of new love and popularity luck. It brings forth academic achievement and increased social luck for success in politics. This star can promote the ability to shine in your group of peers to illuminate a career and enhance promotion luck. Extremely potent, a little goes a long way.

(5) Accident Star

Center Palace: Accident Star (5) is known as the Icky Yellow Five Star. This is the worst luck imaginable as this star is gender neutral. Being neutral it is considered highly unstable, volatile due to it’s unpredictability. It can bring about all manner of ill fortunes and bad omens that lead to disgrace, dishonor and bankruptcy.

(6) Heaven Star

Northwest: Heaven Star (6) is known as Victory luck. It is considered pure positivity for success in business and for overcoming adversity. Even in the worst circumstances it promotes winners luck, awards, happy fortunes and delivers benefits. This star brings treasure, hard assets and lucky discoveries that lead to solid gains. It is the ship of good fortune.

(7) Danger Star

West: Danger Star (7) is known as the burglary star. It is considered negative for unfortunate events like storms, extreme threats and potential violence. Typically the seven brings disaster and catastrophic loses. It causes legal complications and defeat. In some rare cases it express good luck when the numbers align with a Ho Tu combination on the grid where long shots and lightening strikes deliver an unexpected, big win.

(8) Infinity Star

Northeast: Infinity Star (8) is known as the wealth star. It is known for creating long-lasting, lucky advantages. The eight star is creation luck for multiple generations of family luck as well as bringing individuals supreme well-being and harmony. It promotes increased wealth and everlasting happiness. In the marketplace it demonstrates the ability to be undefeated by the competition.

(9) Ripening Star

South: Ripening Fulfillment Star (9) is known as the fire star of multiplication. It is considered luck that can go in any direction you send it, either positive or negative. It is susceptible to the combination of star patterns it flies with. This star boosts wish fulfilling luck to multiply good fortunes or to magnify Sha-Chi (negative energy) depending on where it lands. It is a fiery fortune wheel, rolling up and down and going, round and round.

Location and Direction

Called Palaces, the location placement on the grid of the numbers tells where (direction) and when (time motion) a star flies in. The direction, over time, affects the field of motion around it. Because the patterns move you can see ahead where they fly. By knowing ahead what the field looks like the flying stars are excellent for predictive purposes.

Knowing where you Pa Gua (personal power numbers) fly and where flying star numbers affect your signs (zodiac animals) is an important practice in understanding how to harness the good fortunes they can provide.

What are Flying Stars?

The Flying Stars are fields of energy on our planet. They should not be confused with the constellations in outer space, the number values of the (5) elements or numerology. They are representative of numbers on a grid that define fields of energy and their motion in relationship to individual and location, patterns of influence that exert themselves over time. They can enhanced when auspicious and positive, or doused when sha chi, negative.

Why use Flying Stars?

Are you are letting life’s luck and happiness happen randomly?

Are you harnessing the full {super natural} power of Earth’s magnetic fields? To benefit your best self and/or for the benefit of those around you can learn through practice how to harmonize using the flying stars and take control of the patterns to nurture your desires and reduce your distress.

We all have stuff. I like to say that all the stuff in your life is either: (a.) sitting idle, doing nothing, (b.) making life harder, working against you, (c.) employed to maximize life’s opportunities for everlasting happiness.

Flying stars let you harness a super~natural power for the luck of your life. This process is a lifestyle and an art form that requires practice. It teaches and preaches how to put every object in your life to work for you to increase success in every venue and how to harmonize with the elemental forces that represent the five and six senses.

Pa Gua

The best way to practice using flying stars is first to learn about your Pa Gua. The Pa Gua (sometimes translated with a K, as in Kua) is a personal number using the basis of the Gua. The Gua is the grid of number patterns; Gua meaning to watch or look at. A formula to calculate your personal Pa Gua number and how to use it, will be added to this page.

We invite you to check back for the Personal Pa Gua addition.

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