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  • Why Kittysol brand?

Exclusive Kittysol Tea House gifts and treasures with Zodiac Ephemera and Lucky Curio are specially created for you, my readers and lucky clients!! The KittySol, blog brand is curated and created with original content by China Rose. Feng Shui principles use symbols and numbers to align with harmony so you can be lucky and protected, long-lasting. KittySol arts, products, services and supplies are customized to help you master a feng shui practice; so you can carry good fortunes with you everywhere all the time.

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Tea House gifts and treasures: Zodiac Ephemera and Lucky Curio for the KittySol, blog is lucky by design. China Rose designs and crafts gifts and treasures for your lucky life!!

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Feng Shui is the Art of Placement to create a safe place, away from danger.

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All the KittySol brand gifts and treasures are sourced and created with optimal “Green” and Bio-Eco friendliness and never, animal cruelty.

Each design and it’s creation is sourced to minimize every aspect of our carbon footprint in order to produce objects you can love and utilize for lasting, results. Form follows function in your life with exclusive Kittysol designs.

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