More is a hybrid of ancient divination and modern concepts based on the compass and actual planetary motions. This website blog is based on ritual practices and practical methods of crafting design for the luck of your life.

Much has changed from the early days of Greek Western Astrology. We know the constellations move and no longer align with our understanding of them.

Feng Shui is the Art of Placement, it is the earliest form of decor and design to include fashion that is based on an ancient life practice to increase one’s good fortune. Carved symbols in furnishings or woven in fabric thus one created their fortunes and enhanced their stature in life.

It is a practice that fundamentally knows that life fortunes are not immovable astrology predictions but more like the weather; once you know what to expect you can adjust and adapt, improve and prepare. Thus harvesting the good and minimizing the bad fortunes.

Moon gate at the Hidden Realm of Ming, Hortus Haren

Using compass directions and locations as an interface with astrology, horoscopes, feng shui and the Flying Stars reconnects what has been lost in these processes down through the ages. This system employs design features in life based on color, shapes and symbols for crafting harmony based in design in order to integrate luck into everyday life.

Modern Chinese astrology is partly based on the ancient Taoist system, a system that predated the unification of China as a country. Not much has changed for the most ancient modes of the astrological Zodiac based on the earliest Taoist system. The ancient Taoist Zodiac incorporates Feng Shui practices based on the philosophies and understanding of the IChing and what are called Flying Stars.

Keeping up with changes in the modern world these (seemingly complex) forms on KittySol are interpreted as they were intended to function; as a cohesive and holistic method for improving, increasing and protecting the luck of your life.

Want to know more about the Stars, Signs and Symbols on Or if there is something you’d like to know then Ask the Muse China Rose.

Or if there is something you’d like to know then Ask the Muse, China Rose.

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