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Planets and Aspects

A Star Chart is a harmonic grid composed of Symbols representing celestial bodies: Planets and Aspects in our solar system. This data field can be used to identify and define influences of the cosmic realm. Like weather, knowing cosmic influences, through use of grids and symbols can help navigate rough tides and ride the wave of good vibes in life.

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Our solar system is made of planets or celestial bodies that move and rotate in cyclic motions. Each planet maintains alignment with the other celestial bodies in a clockwork that governs patterns of life for our existence here on Earth. Since it is impossible for human beings to have life without the planets and their cycles of motion, we are always under their influence. Whether we as humans know or understand this overriding influence or not, it still exists. We exist inside this clock work system.

Sun SymbolSun

SunOur Sun is a solar body of energy that heats our slice of the Cosmos. Earth like all the planets in our solar system rotates in cycles around our Sun of pure, yang, energy said to govern our self image. The Sun marks motion in a monthly cycle. For a person on Earth it hits the same spot each year (birth mark) known as a Solar return. This annual event is typically called a birthday for Earthlings. Since Earthly clocks are not as exact as the Sun clock, a solar returns happens earlier every year.

Mercur SymbolMercury

MercuryPlanet Mercury is the first inner rim planet nearest to the Sun from Earth. Mercury is named as a messenger of the Gods. This is a non-gender planet that is said to govern communication, transportation and commerce. It’s a busy body that cycles around the sun with greater frequency than any other planet. Mercurial traits are associated with quicksilver, wings and recurring, retrograde periods every yearly, cycle.

 Venus SymbolVenusVenus

Planet Venus is the second inner rim planet near the Sun from Earth. Planet Venus is named for the Goddess Venus and is visible in the night sky with the naked eye, hence Venusian attributions to modesty, luxury and legacies; unlike the other planets she is based on pure yin, feminine energy and associated with Lady Luck. Venus governs love, desire, beauty, self esteem, self love and self sufficiency.

Moon SymbolMoonMoon

Moon’s origins are postulated. Some theories are better accepted than others. The lunar body is a satellite who’s actual provenance is unknown. The moon orbits our planet in a daily, bimonthly series of short and long cycles, from new to full. This object is said to be younger than Earth. Its cycles mark our life’s seasons of growth and phases in and out from day to night, light to dark. It’s passive yin, female, energy has energetic, lunation. The moon is the Day sign reflecting ones motherly or nurturing capacity. Science says the Moon reflects the Sun but that would mean it’s lit toward outer space, on the other side. Instead it glows like a lantern for Earth folk and only shows one-side of itself, hinting at it’s intrinsic mystique.

 Earth SymbolEarthEarth

Planet Earth is home base to human beings whose perspective faces the sun as a heliotrope. Planets in our solar system move in patterns that go ahead or behind Earth’s elliptic motion but on the same warped field of plane. It’s a flattish baseline from an objective view. Our celestial bodies exist in a grid of space that cradles our cosmic bodies, tethered to oceans of motion. They are not free-floating, but flying through space and time in a formation. Any variance would tip the balance and destroy our world. The backspin of a retrograde planet bends to distort the grid fabric on this invisible, tapestry. Statistically said to exist; Earth-like planets are hypothesized based on smoke and mirrors observed through a deep, space lens. No planet like Earth is spotted anywhere we can see in space and we see lots of space.


Vast, observable space outer lies biosphere Earth as the one prototype of it’s kind proven or known to exist. Humans cannot survive in the vacuum of space, we disintegrate rapidly. In fact it is not known that we can leave the radiation belt magnetosphere which hold us in our atmosphere and keeps us out of the vacuum of Space beyond our moon. Our planet represents material substance in contrast with our solar system’s celestial bodies. This cosmic system contains and act as a supply center for all the components we find on Earth. The real Amazon is Earth’s universal storehouse, called the Cosmos.

 Mars SymbolMarsMars

Planet Mars is an outer rim planet on the outer circle of the Sun, in relation to our Earth’s motion. Named Mars for the God of War it represents pure, yang, male, energy. Associated with the color red due to a visible presence of iron oxide on the surface and it handsome, rugged, exterior. Mars is host to spacecraft launched from Earth for many far-space explorations. Known as the planet of action and volatility Mars has a n intense, stormy, reputation complete with battle scars to prove it.

Jupiter SymbolJupiterJupiter

Planet Jupiter is an outer rim planet  from the Sun, beyond Earth’s motion. Two and a half times the size of all the other planets combined, it’s a gas giant that emits electrical, magnetic, energy called the magnetosphere. For that reason it is  highly likely to be the operational source of Earth’s magnet-field. Jupiter is known as the great benefic, Emperor and Grand Duke from ancient lore. The magnanimous Jupiter corresponds to things that expand rapidly and defines the Year Sign of birth of a human birth.

Saturn SymbolSaturnSaturn

The planet Saturn is an outer rim planet from the Sun, past earth and beyond Jupiter. Known as Grandfather Time, Saturn runs rings around all the other planets with it’s cosmic dust. As Task Master Saturn’s symbol is the harvest and sickle of life and death. A Saturn return happens in a human life every 29 years.

Chiron SymbolChironChiron

The planet Chiron is a Centaur, a minor planet (2060 Chiron) that is possibility an asteroid or an esoteric body of magnitude we are not aware of. Chiron orbits the rim between Saturn and Uranus and exhibits behavior like that of a comet with its highly eccentric motion. This planet personifies healing energies and secret wisdom. In Star Luck charts it has associations to trades and skills.

Uranus SymbolUranusUranus

The planet Uranus is an outer rim, ice giant beyond the great divide and a great distance from our Sun. It’s the coldest planet in our solar system with happy hour twenty-four-seven it holds a cocktail party of volatile, chemical building blocks for life. Dubbed the Sky King Star it differs from other planets. Its orbit is near circular and it’s poles are on the center lines of an equator. Uranus tilts like a windmill with a wink and a nudge. Always grinding the mill, sideways, giving this planet a penchant for being the harbinger of Chaos and destruction.

Neptune SymbolNeptuneNeptune

The planet Neptune is an outer rim gas giant on the outer reaches of deep space in counter balance to our hub, at Sun Central. Viewed somewhat as a twin to Uranus it shares some of its qualities as a cold, dark place hanging out in deep space. Not easy to see or get to know even with a telescope. As Lord of the Underworld  Neptune keeps secrets, hidden. It’s quite possible Biology in our oceans came from this realm. Neptune is the High Harmonic of love and soul searching as the planet of illusions and dreams.

CP_Pluto_symbolPluto (dwarf)Pluto

Pluto was demoted to a dwarf in recent history. It’s an outer rim cosmic body beyond Neptune in the Kuiper belt, the outer recesses of our solar system. What we don’t know about Pluto explains why it’s the planet of Fate as the future unknown. It’s unique motion of fifteen years, in each Zodiac animal sign of twelve year cycles, aligns with the procession of an equinox to shift Earth’s polestar every 26,000 years. Pretty heavy for a little guy!

Node SymbolNodeNode Key

The Node is a mathematical anomaly based on intersections of Moon’s lunar orbits. Eclipses only happen at the node so it’s about timing and alignment, size an scope. A North node is called the Dragon’s head and is used to unlock the mysteries of human destiny.

POF SymbolPart of FortuneCrown

Named for the ancient Goddess of Fortuna and her oracles of divination the Part of Fortune is an aspect of mathematical calculation for the holy trinity: Ascendant, Moon and Sun. Locating this lucky spot on a chart is for purposes of determining how to tap beneficial forces using human potential to increase life values. It’s a cornucopia of plenty and a wellspring. Also called the Arabian Parts, it tracks the hours with cosmic grains of sand for the grist mill, like the Egyptian God Horus.

There is a time and place for everything under heaven ~ Ecclesiastes.


What’s on the Horizon? The ascendant is what we see in front of us. In a chart it gives us the center bubble where the surface reflects our equatorial beltway. It’s the location of the centrifuge of planetary motion in alignment with the Sun rise. Due to this being a placement on Earth rather than a planet, it defines the minute or the moment-by-moment, concept of time. A rising sign in a chart gives a clue to first impressions that we focus on. Its superficial, captivating and essential to see what is right in front of us and the portal of time that we inhabit.

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