Blush Ecliptic Full ~ Moon

Partial Lunar Eclipse April 25, 2013

Partial Lunar Eclipse April 25, 2013

Lovers Blush Moon
April 25 – 26 Full Moon Eclipse 2013 ~ Celestial event!!

This lunar~ full moon is listed in the Bird~Virgo by NASA but the chart suggests it begins as a Dog~Libra moon and lands at ground-zero in the pig zone.

April 25, 2013 ~ Eclipse Chart

April 25, 2013 ~ Eclipse Chart

This moon is soulful, bonding glue. Disconnected parts can align anew or twist completely out shape so watch the temp gauge.

De-escalate this super, sonic lunar zapper by utilizing your stand-by mode. Stay away from the fray. Birds of a feather get charred together.

But for certain this will be a blush ~{royal flush}~ (pinkish, rosy hue) version of a Blood moon. There is a mother-lode for lucky duckies.

With extra ordinary planetary action piling up this is a genuine Lovers swoon w/Mars & Venus (lady luck) conjoined in the serpents, lush garden. The sun beams in & shines a light to lead the way. Lucky quotient is high & mighty but slinky & slidy… Mind your Peeps & Q’s.

This wheel grinds up and spits out reversals of fortune, galore, it’s a treasure trove of remarkable discoveries to unfold.

Your Lucky Stars until my next post:

Rat ~ Sagittarius: North / Water / Career / rules mind / flying stars: (1) (4) (1) (5) – your Lucky Stars ~

Trouble brews on the surface but below that rough exterior is a heart of pure, gold. Mine your valuables while treading cautiously in troubled waters. Beware and be weary but also conscious to tap your deeper resources for untold lucky fortunes!! Lucky stars are mixed. Short term is highly volatile and your long-term luck is beyond fortunate when you stick to the grindstone.

Ox ~Capricorn (cow, buffalo, tortoise): NNE / Earth / Power / governs status / Flying stars: (8) (2) (8) (3) / planetary influences: Pluto (fate) (retro) – your Lucky Stars ~

These icky stars need some bundling and bridling before they are trained to perform. Stop all the fussing and fighting, it goes nowhere. Fortune smiles on the Cows who extend gratitude and build alliances despite their glaring differences. Be a social dynamo and build bridges, not fences.

Tiger ~ Aquarius: NEE / Earth / Brotherhood, Scholarship / projects vision / flying stars: (8) (2) (8) (3) – your Lucky Stars ~

Keep all the sharp barbs and googliy eyes inside your own mind. The best advice is to not keep score or take any pot shots at the other side. Complaints become a wasted bitter, effort in the hopper but positive suggestions can get a jump start on new, good offers that arrive from every quarter. Find the silver lining and polish it!! Watch that short fuse so it doesn’t spark. Luck stars are fair for long ranging goals but too radical for short-term benefits. Go easy and stay focused beyond the wild-blue, horizon.

Hare ~ Pisces (cat/rabbit): East / Wood / Health / Family tree / saves grace / flying stars: (3) (6) (3) (7) / planetary influences: Neptune (lord of underworld) harmony, Chiron (healer) – your Lucky Stars ~

Psychic hotline central has you reading minds and then mincing words. You’ll need to keep this special x-ray visionary work from leaking into the public domain if you value peace in your realm above all. Go-along -to get-along and save yourself a worthless, power struggle. You win by giving-in not shouting or acting out. Stay poised and composed to maintain control. Luck stars are in zap mode – tazer down the intensity levels for now. Budgets look a tad worn and torn, you’ll find a secret pocket with some cabbage to patch up any holes.

Dragon ~ Aries: ESE / Wood / Leadership / instills vitality (immortality) / Abundance / flying stars: (4) (7) (4) (8) / planetary influences: Mercury (messenger), Uranus (chaos) – your Lucky Stars ~

Luck stars fly super, strong and shine bright gold. You can go long for a shot at grandeur. Love is beaming arrows to the hearts of your many admirers, let it teach you a lesson in harmony. You have a bright package of probabilities to unpack in the most discriminating Manor. Use your leadership role to forge solid ties and set clear boundaries. Peach blossom luck is striking it rich and fast luck is your best buddy. Remember that dragons are fierce by nature -so temper, temper.

Serpent ~ Taurus: SSE / Wood / Income (money) / distills wisdom / flying stars: (4) (7) (4) (8) / planetary influences: Sun (image), Venus (love & lux), Mars (war God ~ energy) – your Lucky Stars ~

Whatever you desire is yours… Luck stars are making history of your secret mystery. There is a higher love and gifts from above ready to shower goodies down on you. Though the ecliptic patterns may obscure the situation somewhat and it seems as though the trail to justice has grown cold… trust me your greater good is coming down the pike. The driveway to your lucky pathway home is being set-in-stone. Also you can expect a few hearts on fire to be shopping for a rock that you can call your own. Be brave, be beautiful and let the details speak volumes, let the tale be told.

Horse ~ Gemini: South / Fire / Fame / delivers power / flying stars: (9) (3) (9) (4) / planetary influences: Jupiter (Grand Duke, increase) – your Lucky Stars ~

Don’t make everything about everything when you are going in so many directions all at once. Spinning multi level platters on several tiers takes a laser focus and eagle-eyed perceptions. These lucky stars are expressive and impressive and you can craft your own gift package. Play your hand right and they bring you an avalanche of new good. Let them run rampant and you can cause a stampede in a cross-fire that is out-of-control. Keep a lid on the action and let love take you away. You have literary success written in these lucky ducks, but they are a plucky bunch!!

Goat ~ Cancer: SSW / Earth / Love / desires peace / flying stars: (2) (5) (2) (6) – your Lucky Stars ~

Let the tide go in and the tide go out. Don’t hold on to any grief for a past that isn’t anything more than a figment of your emotional nature. To keep holding or going over ground covered in the past is like treading on hot coals that can burn you. Time flows and the ecliptic patterns might close a few doors. The only thing you can do is your best or stand down. Try not to manage big issues with this swampy star group. Burn candles and let the flame pierce your mindset. There is a summer of love yet to come. Go easy and stay breezy.

Monkey ~ Leo: SWW / Earth / Relationships / rules ambition / flying stars: (2) (5) (2) (6) – your Lucky Stars ~

There is danger of badgering and bickering with too many demands to be met in this set of stars. Stave off the confusion and be mindful of the water drop meditation. Every drop of ocean has the ocean in-it, but a drop does not an ocean make. To remain in the groove for stellar winners luck and take a victory lap be co-operative and tolerant. I know that is sometimes hard for you. But If you waste time judging and fudging the universe replicates what you consistently propagate. It’s all you power!! Sharing is caring.

Bird ~ Virgo: West / Metal / Talent / esteems virtue / flying stars: (7) (1) (7) (2) – your Lucky Stars ~

You have a mixed bag of skunky, stars. Love luck is so charming its alarming. Hear the bells? Your legal beagle is Johnny-on-the-spot unless you are on the bench, then its best watch every, single step. I can suggest extra rest and stay low-down where the currents can’t drag you off the beaten path. Stay cautious… luck is hiding in plain sight, but well guarded. Carry a hall pass and keep your wits about you in all placed at all times.

Dog ~ Libra: WNW / Metal / Travel / serves duty / flying stars: (6) (9) (6) (1) – your Lucky Stars ~

Shucking and plucking is work best left to the bird clan. Here is your magic ability to transform reality: you can get anything you what when you let go of everything that contradicts having it. This means no settling, no holding on and no keeping things for a time that may never exist. Be here now and reap rich rewards. Love lies while you bide time with an imposter. Lucky stars beam superior drama for extra side effects. Use this big, lucky quotient sparingly, it’s rather potent. Luck stars are very strong.

Boar ~ Scorpio: NWN / Metal / Luck / confers nobility / flying stars: (6) (9) (6) (1) / planetary influences: true node (karma) – Eclipse (partial lunar) Full (yang) Moon (moods) / Saturn, (grandfather time) – your Lucky Stars ~

Lucky stars have super, sonic powers to overcome all adversity for success. Heaven and hell fire, conspire to promote your greater good. Be steady and stay ready and you will have your day and your say. Get your best laid plans staged and preset to pull the trigger (line-up your sights) on a whole new life experience. Bank on it. Trust me, you can and it will grow an olive branch.