Dragon Peek-a-Boo Full Moon | October 2022

Sunday, October 9th at 1:54 PM the Dragon Moon reaches fullness in the Pacific time zone. The harvest season moon rises full at sunset. This Peek-a-boo Moon opens a window into the coming November 8th Snake Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Audio Transcript: Dragon Peek-a-Boo Full Moon | October 2022

Podcast Episode: Dragon Peek-a-Boo Full Moon | October 2022

Celestial Buzz | October 2022

Pluto goes direct on October 8thThis Prelude Dragon, Full Moon October 9th conjoins with Jupiter, Mercury enters the Dog on October 10th and crosses it retro-shadow by the 16th. Saturn goes direct in the Tiger on October 22nd.

The Sun moves to the Pig October 23rd, Jupiter re-enters the Hare on the Pig New Moon partial Solar eclipse October 25th and in November Monthly Flying Stars change, again.

What does all this mean? Let’s take a look and see.

Pluto Ox Direct | 1776

Just before the full Dragon Moon on October 9th planetoid Pluto finally goes direct to it’s forward elliptic bent.

Pluto’s elliptic nature is not constant between signs and takes 248 years, that’s right, 248 years to make a loop around our cosmos. As Pluto goes forward he begins a final descent to wind down a 14 year reign in the Ox that will end in 2023.

The last time Pluto completed a transit in the Ox the year was 1776. A sense of new found freedom wafted in the air. Pluto retrograde pulled us into a time warp from our storied past. Now we’ll catch a glimpse of a future world coming in 2272.

Pluto is the pebble in the shoe, the grain of sand in the oyster. This planet presides over very remote possibilities in distance places. Expect changes to be wildly eccentric and orbits to be far-flung.

Full Dragon Moon | October 9th

Peek-a-boo Dragon Moon

A Dragon Full Moon happens only once a year at the harvest season when the Sun in the Dog opposes the Moon in the Dragon. This year the Dragon Full Moon rises at sunset in the Pacific time zone.

This Dragon moon phase opens a window as a prelude to the coming Total, Lunar Eclipse in the Snake. It comes on a pivotal mid-term election in America November 8th and results are sure to define a new era.

This full, Dragon Moon conjoins with benefactor Jupiter and confronts the Dog adding more intrigue and seductions in the cosmic sphere. Dragon’s belch fire and Dogs bark up a storm! To reduce side-effects display a Dragon charm.

Saturn Tiger Direct | October 22nd

Tiger has planet Saturn camped here for at least another year. On October 22nd Saturn goes forward on the elliptic grid. With an Auspicious Sun in the Dog, Tiger’s personal and professional profile is elevated. Social circles and academic settings applaud you!

Saturn’s motion in the Tiger brings big change for the brotherhood. Team Tiger presides over Patriarch luck. Saturn’s dichotomy teaches tough lessons or promotes progress it finds worthy.

Taskmaster Saturn is a punch-clock, known as Grandfather time. By nature Tiger is a visionary sign. Every 28 years Saturn visits Tiger to embody the concept: what you resist will persist. A visit from Saturn roots out the stale to refresh life’s potential and often leaves a gift by the door.

Sun Pig ~ Scorpio | October 23rd

The Sun will enter the sign of the Pig on October 23rd akin to Scorpio on the Western side. Pig’s are noble friends who set standards and bank on the curve. As a force of nature their grasp on Arts is sublime.

Passion and spirit embody Pig’s endearing legacy as a creative type. Happy Birthday to all my Pigs! This is your time to shine.

While the Sun’s rolling clover in the Pig it highlights hard assets and lucky turns on the wheel that change fortunes, dramatically. It’s a month of magic when Spooks come out to play, tricks or to give sweet, treats.

Jupiter enters Hare | October 25th

Jupiter is going retrograde and re-enters the Hare sign October 25th. Usually the Grand Duke Jupiter rides through one sign every year: give or take a few months here and there.

This year though Jupiter spent most of its time in the Dragon. Now Jupiter returns back to the Hare to recapture some of the magic from earlier in this year. Jupiter is the great benefactor and will endow the East at the Golden Door, as a gateway to a well spring.

Those with significant planets and aspects in the Hare sign will find a place for things to get better. Before going on to the next steps Bunnies can fluff the nest and get some rest.

Pig New Moon Solar Eclipse | October 25th

Binding Time

Earth has a a partial Solar eclipse with the Sun and Moon in the Pig sign. This will energize the lives of Lucky Pigs to turbo charge their Solar returns for an entire year. Eclipses erase time or add a whole chapter you didn’t know, existed.

Pigs are code breakers and mystery-makers so you might need to read between the lines to unlock it’s message. A New Moon is a polar opposite of a Full Moon. Instead of amplifying it reduces things down to an essence. It’s a time to plant seeds to sprout new opportunities.

Learn more about the Pig Eclipse coming soon, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse on KittySol.com

Flying Stars | October 2022

Flying Stars | October to November 2022

Flying Stars changed on or about October 6th and this months the energy of the Ming Tang, Big and Bright, sweet spot lands in the North. What does this mean?

It boosts positive energy toward success and opportunity in education, asset growth and career matters. If you are looking to move your position now is a good time to jump ship and shift gears. Fortune favors those who go with the flow.

It may sound counter-intuitive in the world of things such-as-they-are but in this chart the business of commerce is booming, buzzing and humming along, despite any contradiction.

Heart Center

Flying Stars in October feature the Fighting Star 3 in the Heart Center. This unlucky Star can be devastating. However the Earth element is at-home in the Center and is considered friendly to this gnarly, Wood Star.

The Wood Star depletes Earth but benefits are exchanged. You can use picture of a sailing ship in the center-view to bring a reduction in distress. Or place colored crystal or natural stones in a bowl or tray in the center of a table to add energy to Earth.

This simple decor solution adds to Harmony and stability in the home or office. It balances the heart of your home to remedy stress, to enhance focus and stay grounded.

October Flying Star ~ Lucky Specials

Good fortunes expand with the Lucky Sum of Ten. From Lab Rats to the Country Mouse the Lucky Special Sum of Ten flies to the North side of the grid bringing benefits to business, education and resources.

Energize this Lucky Special with a tabletop water fountain in the North living area or in a social room of a home or office. To get fresh fountain energy without all the fuss you can use an amazing bubble ball!

The link to the Bubble Ball and other charms mentioned in this episode can be found on KittySol.com. Visit KittySol.com for links to cures and lucky energizers.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs for the Dragon peek-a-boo, Full Moon.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Lucky Rat and Dragon are a great team and make excellent mates. Rat is part of the Ruling Triad with Dragon and Monkey signs. Blue Rat is a Peach Blossom sign for Pigs, Hare and Goats. Rats are busy community minded folks who can take charge or lend a hand as needed

Flying Stars for Lucky Rat have the Lucky Wealth Star 8 fly to the Career Palace.

Energize this great good fortune with a lucky Rat charm specially selected to harmonize with your Peach Blossom Luck and to increase love, social luck and money.

Lucky Rat has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Lucky Ox and Dragon are not in the same cosmic vibe. These two are okay in groups or teams but might butt heads in personal matters.

Flying Stars for Lucky Ox have the Lucky Victory Star 6 fly to the Palace of Administration and Ancestors Luck. This brings special gifts and treasures to your door step and helps you win over the competition. Wear your favorite scarf or fly a banner.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have the Ascendant at 2 degrees and Pluto at 26 degrees going direct after an extended, retrograde period. This will move things forward after a long hiatus.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger and Dragon are Old-Souls that once were mates. But they did not get along and the world changed so now they simply give each other their own space.

Flying Stars for Lucky Tiger have the Lucky Victory Star 6 fly to the Palace of Scholarship and Patriarch Luck. Tigers can beat out their rivals and land the big fish. The Lucky Star 6 brings triumph and treasure. To boost the luck fly your favorite flag or banner.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have Saturn retrograde at 18 degrees riding at the bottom of the chart. Soon Saturn will go forward but until then it pays to stay focused and on target.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Lucky Hare and Dragon can be friends and find happiness but not usually under the same roof line. Bunnies are part of a different tribe.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare have the Lucky Star 1 of Love, Money and Miracles fly to the Palace of Health and Family. The Lucky Hare will be rolling in clover this month. Energize with the lucky Peach Blossom Rat charm available on Kittysol.com

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare have Neptune retrograde at 23 degrees. This can give Bunnies a false sense of security. Double-check locks. Keep your codes and keys safe. Nothing is-what it seems when Neptune is out of phase. Don’t be deceived.

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon and Dragon are a mighty pair. Two Dragons are said to open the Gates of Heaven or the Road to Hell. Dragon’s choose your path wisely the world depends on it.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 fly into the Palace of Abundance and Longevity. Things get soggy and bogged down with too much unrest. Stay off the battle field and catch your breath.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dragon have Jupiter retrograde at 1 degree, Chiron retrograde at 14 degrees and the full Moon at 16 degrees. This Dragon is a 30 day prelude to a coming eclipse. It opens a window to the future to give you a whiff of what’s in the mix.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Lucky Snake and Dragon share the Southeast palace. They are neighbors and friends and that’s as good as it gets. Sometimes that’s more than enough.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 fly to the Palace of Income and Money. The Snake is home to the Wood element which can soak of the Sha Chi negativity energy and convert it to something better. Stay quietly creative to resolve any distress.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have the Node at 13 degrees and Uranus retrograde at 18 degrees. Nothing has changed since the last cosmic moon cycle and yet everything is different. Follow the path and don’t wander off into the weeds.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Lucky Horse and Dragon run in different directions and take alternate pathways to go places. This can work in theory but when they need to share a space, it falls apart fast.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 fly to the Palace of Fame and Fortune. This can be catastrophic if you’re not extra, careful. To avoid distress Horse can get off the beaten path and take a break from the fast lane. Lay low and bide some time.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have Mars exalted at 22 degrees. This is the Mojo Horse needs to get something started behind the scenes. Use this extra energy to channel something amazing but keep it on the back burner.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Lucky Goat and Dragon are definitely not a classic pairing. Maybe they are an acquired taste but often they end-up with heartbreak and drama. Goats typically are too busy to be bothered.

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat have the Fulfillment Star 9 fly to the Southwest Palace of Love and Matriarch Luck. Relationships will be on fire. Making time to be together is favored. The Wish Star 9 is a magic carpet ride to your hearts desire. Take the flight.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Goat have the Part of Fortune at 2 degrees on the Dragon Full Moon. Goats can expect to pad their assets with the extra values that crop up.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Lucky Monkey and Dragon are a matched set and happy couple when they get together. Monkey and Dragon are part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat sign and they share a like-mind.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey have the Wish Star 9 fly into the Southwest Palace of Relationships and talent. Monkeys can expect a bountiful harvest and dreams do come true as this star delivers good fortunes to you.

Lucky Monkey has no Planets or Aspects at this time.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Lucky Bird and Dragon are an iconic power couple with all the bells and whistles. Expect these two to be going places and sticking together. They are the quintessential pair of the Zodiac for happiness ever after. Or they make good working partners.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Bird have the Unlucky Accident Star 5 fly into the Palace of Children and Creativity. This Star can be very difficult to manage. The best cure is to stay quiet in a no pressure zone.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Bird have Mercury at 28 degrees bringing a steady stream of data that will keep you occupied for hours.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog and Dragon are in opposition. They can go-along to get along, but don’t expect anything to be lasting or exclusive.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Dog have the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 fly into the Northwest Palace of Travel and Courts. This can be too much of a good thing gone-bad if you over play your hand. This Star is potent. A little luck goes a long way.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dog have Venus at 13 degrees and the Sun at 17 degrees. The Dog has the benefits of love, luxury and status to keep them company. Enjoy the moment.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pig and Dragon are two peas in a pod. Dragon’s love their Pigs forever as confidantes and friends they count on.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Pig have the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 fly in the Northwest Palace of Assets and benefits. This adds resources to fill your coffers.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Pig have the Chart Crown at Zero degrees on the Dragon Full Moon giving Pigs a Wild Card to promote their natural talent.

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