Double Dragon Full Moon | October 20, 2021

On October 20th at 8:08 AM, PDT Earth has a Full Dragon Moon. This Moon rises at sunset on the horizon at 99% illumination for two nights in a row.

Audio Transcript| Double Dragon Full Moon on October 20, 2021

This Full Dragon Moon creates a unique cosmic event to shed light on it’s subjects for two nights, instead of one.

Dragons who are known for their vitality have an extended showing in the night sky, one with a life altering twist. Mystical Dragons are all high drama and special effects! Never anything ordinary. It is said in ancient lore that two Dragons open the Gates of Heaven.

First and foremost though a Dragon is a creator. As you might imagine in today’s world they all have leading roles. If you know a Dragon then you know they play for keeps. This one surely does that.

Double Dragons

The mighty Dragon is part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat and Monkey signs. The Peach Blossom sign for the Dragon is the Gold Bird and the Phoenix is the Dragons super buddy or mate. In case you don’t already know, Dragons are formidable, fierce. The stuff of legends.

Double Dragons are legendary. They represent success in its highest form and promote a legacy of good fortunes that can be lasting. Dragon are icons of longevity and long life. When Double Dragons arrive it suggest a new sense of harmony will prevail.

Read the Signs

All Moons are different. This full moon is winning pair of Aces! It will bring information to light and extend peak performance. Dragons are very eccentric and particular in their ways and means. They are traditionalists, to the core so mind the rules.

Jupiter and Mercury just came forward together which will amplify it’s effects into a long shadow period that ends on November 2nd. You can listen to the Mercury Long Shadow bonus, Podcast on Zodiac Muse. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Vurbl, Google Play and Amazon Audio.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac animal signs on the compass and constellations for the Dragon Full Moon October 20th, 2021.


Rat | Sagittarius

Planets and aspects for Rat sign and Sagittarius constellation have Lady Luck Venus at 14 degrees. This is a lonely spot for the lady of love and luxury.

She’s a bit of a hermit in this phase as she transits toward her meeting with Mars coming in February 2022. For now she’s flies solo giving Rats some extra sparkle and pizazz.

Rat’s part of Dragon’s Ruling Triad with the Monkey sign, so expect things to go your way in this moon phase.


Ox | Capricorn

Planets and aspects for the Ox sign and Capricorn constellation have Pluto at 24 degrees. Pluto moved ahead only 1 degree this year before going backwards 2degrees in retrograde motion. Now that Pluto is forward again it will catch up to land at 26 degrees on the new year.

That puts a positive spin on a tough transition after what may have felt like never-ending irritations. Now your free to get some relief.

Pluto rules over the fates of generations and can also affect individuals directly depending on your personal charts. For now that this distance traveler, Pluto is going forward and you’ll see incremental progress in production and administrative matters.

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Tiger | Aquarius

Planets and aspects for Tiger sign and Aquarius constellation have Saturn at 6 degrees and Jupiter at 22 degrees. Both of these outer rim planets are also pushing forward with a new currency trend.

They are not-nearly close enough to have any effects combined so they’ll operate separately making Tigers feel a bit torn. However Saturn’s transit only happens every 28 years and the Grand Duke Jupiter is getting ready to speed forward into the Hare sign, come November.

Tigers will see their workload is better delegated and easier to balance in this fall cycle. Soon, Jupiter will rides off into the sunset and he won’t be back for another 12 years. Enjoy this outsized benefactor and take the path to your next great adventure, now while that time is near.


Hare | Pisces

Planets and aspects for Hare sign and Pisces constellation are hosting the gas giant, Neptune which is still retrograde at 22 degrees until December 1st. When Neptune returns a veil will be lifted and bunnies can expect a big shift.

Neptune known as the Holy Grail in myth and lore is the planet of illusions and also personal fulfillment. When Neptune pushes forward things as they were, will no longer exist.

Revelations, shifting expectations and more are in store for my Bunnykins. Your new benefactor Jupiter moves in and the-times, they are changing. Shore-up loose ends before the whirlwind begins. Jupiter will be in your sign in 2022 showering you with good fortunes.


Dragon | Aries

Planets and aspects for Dragon sign and Aries constellation have Chiron retrograde at 9 degrees still turning back the clock and the Full Moon at 27 degrees. This Moon doubles-up while in the Dragon by going Full on the 19th and holding its illumination on the 20th.

Brilliance will shine bright, the lost will be found and genius discoveries will come to fruition. Double Dragons are going to make themselves known and their voices heard.

The world of abundance is not just for the few, it’s for everyone and here we may see some a life altering changes to the bigger picture. It’s a work in progress but Dragons always win even when it seems all is dashed they rally and begin a new conquest.


Snake | Taurus

Planets and aspects for Snake sign and Taurus constellation have the Part of Fortune at Zero degrees. This egg is ready to hatch some greater good. Since this Moon is in the Harvest mode you can expect something like a wild card to develop.

An unexpected boon may arrive on a whim or something special blows your way in the wind. It may even have a romantic notion attached to it. As the days unfold it will begin to reveal itself.

This could be a breath of fresh air since you’ve also got the effects of Uranus retrograde at 13 degrees resurfacing the Serpentine path. Sometimes a rocky road can lead to gold once you get past the gravel. Stay the course and find the treasure and mystery unravels.


Horse | Gemini

Planets and aspects for Horse sign and Gemini constellation have the Node aspect at 2 degrees. This is the tail end of the transit for the Node in the Horse sign, it’s coming to an end.

The Node will soon enter the Serpent in 2022 and open new avenues of income. But for now in the Horse sign, it’s a close-out after a long winning cycle. One that tested the system. It’s going to feel a bit weird when this happens and you still have a few more months to go.

Be ready to take your winnings off the table before the walls close in. It’s perfectly natural to know when to say: this is it. Just imagine the next step when this unbridled, era begins.


Goat | Cancer

There are no planets and aspects for Goat sign and Cancer constellation. The Goat sign is riding the top of the chart, climbing the trail to get to the pinnacle of her ambitions. And right now your so far ahead, no one can compete with your talent.

Even with a full load, Goats are out looking for another challenge. These kids deserve a chance to be heard and applauded. So go ahead and revel in the glow of appreciation, Goats won’t be the ones grinding the mill. It should be fun not work. Just bask in the glory and enjoy the view.


Monkey | Leo

Planets and aspects for Monkey sign and Leo constellation have the chart Crown at 7 degrees. This is going to present a selection, situation that goes your way. You’ll be the one picked from a larger bunch of nutty options.

Monkey’s are part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat and the Dragon. A tiara suits your style. In the everyday world of fashion the Monkey is looking regal.

Monkey’s might see a promotion with a new title. Wear new hat at work to improve your position and a bright idea may be worth a King’s ransom. Whatever the deal, trust your intuition and grab the best offer.


Bird | Virgo

Planets and aspects for Bird sign and Virgo constellation have nothing to report. The Bird is rising above the Ascendant and there’s an uptick in things finally moving in the right direction. Birds are the Dragons secret Buddy, their best mate and make a good choice for long term commitments.

Bird’s will benefit by the Dragons extra Moon shine. The Golden Bird is the Dragon’s Peach Blossom sign so expect a cozy love nest to come home to, at night. Birds may not stay tied down but they have a steady heart. Virtue is their super power.


Dog | Libra

Planets and aspects for Dog sign and Libra constellation are a full house with Mercury at 10 degrees, Mars at 23 degrees and the Sun at 27 degrees. Considering the Dog is most in their element when they are entertaining, you’ll certainly enjoy the warmth.

These celestial visitors are all well space from each other. This gathering of the hearts and minds gives Dogs a chance to learn first hand what’s been going on behind the scenes and set a course for new horizons.

The Sun is moving on the 22nd into the Pig sign but as the days go by, Mars and Mercury will ignite some wild passions. Dogs might be surprised.


Pig | Scorpio

Planets and aspects for Pig sign and Scorpio constellation have just one element and it’s the Ascendant horizon at Zero. This is an inherited trait. Something is predestined and it sets the stage for a grand opportunity to begin.

In perfect fashion, Pigs simply need to play along and accept this new role and take the gig. All Zero points are wild cards. So you’ll need to take a chance and accept it before it appears.

Not all Zero’s have the same attributes but this one is something you could keep waking up to. The Universe has wiped the slate clean so Pigs can start receiving more resources and accumulate greater, assets. All you need to do is set the tone by feeling worthy of your good.

Coming soon in the next episode of the Zodiac Muse and the KittySol the companion, blog:

The Sun moves into the sign of the Pig on October 22nd for a new Zodiac month. Current, monthly Flying Stars doubled with the Annual Flying Stars so it’s much of the same as we’ve seen this year and the monthly Stars will change November 4th.

The New Pig Moon happens on November 4th and it’s a 30 day point to a coming, Total Solar eclipse. Stay tuned for that!

China Rose
China Rose

Your Zodiac Muse reading the Stars for the luck of your life!

Thank you to all my Readers and Listeners the Zodiac Muse and the blog appreciate you! Come back soon.

Dog days: New Moon and Sun October 6, 2021

Earth had a New Moon and Sun in the Dog sign on the 6th of October at 4:05AM PDT. It’s Dog days again!! Hi this is China Rose with your Lucky Stars for the Dog New Moon and Sun.

Audio Transcript | Dog days: New Moon and Sun October 6th 2021

Dog Days

September 20th to October 22nd 2021

Planet Mercury is retrograde in the Dog which will puts an emphasis on comebacks, renewals and reuse rather than anything, brand-new.

It’s all pumpkins and spice in the Northern Hemisphere. Mars conjoining the New Moon and Sun is a booster club for resurrections and reunions. It will breathe new life into things lost and forgotten.

Happy *Solar* Return Dog Signs!

A lot is happening in the Dog sign and you can learn more it by listening to the Mercury Long Shadow | Fall 2021 episode on the Zodiac Muse.

Happy, Happy Birthday and Solar return to all my Dog buddies out there. Lots of family, friends and clients are Dogs in my world. Celebrate the Dog sign which is the Sun’s transit in the month of Libra. It’s a great time to look for balance and seek justice.

Pluto goes forward on the Dog New Moon in the Ox sign.

Along with a Mercury retrograde on October 6th the planetoid, Pluto went forward in the sign of the Ox. This tiny pebble in a big cosmic pond sends out reverberations that strikes a new cord. Social trends will display new patterns affecting generations to come.

The Ox sign sits in opposition to the Dog so expect a few Cows to get in the way of progress. They can hold up the line when they get stuck in a rut. Dogs need to tend the herd or risk losing the farm.

Lucky Dogs

Flying Stars also changed on October 6th. The Lucky Stars patterns are doubling down with the Annual Stars but there are few Lucky Specials like we have seen over the last few months. Now we will see a wider margin: the best and the worst of things will show greater disparity as both ends of the spectrum are stretched to extremes.

Stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse for the coming podcast episode about this seasons Flying Stars.

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Solar Star Chart

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Here are your Lucky Stars for the all the Zodiac animal signs on this Dog New Moon cycle in 2021.

Dog | Libra

New Moon, the Sun and Mars at 13 degrees, Mercury retrograde at 20 degrees.

The New Moon and Sun gets loads of attention for Dogs signs with Mars conjoined to the dynamic duo. Retrograde Mercury adds to the mix in this moon cycle by staging comebacks and giving out second chances.

Pig | Scorpio

Lady Luck Venus at 26 degrees.

Our lady of love, luck and luxury gives Pig signs a world of opportunity to accomplish great things in this moon cycle, but she’s leaving soon. With a gilded edge and a stroke of luck, Our lady Venus casts a magic spell to make dreams come true.

Rat | Sagittarius

No planets or aspects at present.

The Rat sign rides low in the chart where they’re in their element. Rat loves to set up a cozy niche where everything has a place. Behind the scenes Rats are busy but they’ll get a chance this moon cycle for a change-of-pace. Time to reflect and create a beautiful space.

Ox | Capricorn

Pluto at 25 degrees goes forward direct.

Ox has a ghost of a chance. Yet Pluto is matching wits with the likes of the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in opposition to the Dog. By staging a dramatic counter weight to current, culture trends Ox tips the scales.

You can’t see it yet but foundations were tilted and platforms cracked as they begin to crumble in near-future, events.

Tiger | Aquarius

Saturn retrograde at 6 degrees and Jupiter retrograde at 22 degrees.

On October 18th Mercury in the Dog and Jupiter in the Tiger will both go forward at the same time. Normally, Mercury doesn’t get a high octane lift-off. But the Grand Duke Jupiter is the the planet of increase.

This event, I predict can expand awareness into a new mode of energy resource heretofore, unknown. Jupiter is source of unlimited, magnetic energy and Mercury is quicksilver in a fertile field of possibility.

Hare | Pisces

Neptune retrograde at 21 degrees.

Neptune is a fog machine obscuring the view in a veil of mystery. For now that’s just fine as Bunnies are minding their own bees wax, tending to the flock and sewing wild oats when no ones looking.

The status quo will be de rigueur for the time being as you refine your focus on the ta-do list, using laser precision. Magic will peek through the cracks in this cycle as Bunny is Dogs super buddy!

Dragon | Aries

Chiron at 10 degrees.

Dragons have a minor planet that is also classed as an asteroid that still presents loads of mystique to astronomers. For Dragons this is kind of contradiction is indigenous to it’s habitat. This extra-stellar visitor is taking it’s time while adding extra-value to all-things, Dragon.

Snake | Taurus

Uranus retrograde at 13 degrees.

Uranus is retrograde in the Snake sign making it’s eccentricities even more pronounced. It’s breaking up old norms to deify logic and whipsaw the mind in the world of finance.

As Uranus is left to it’s own devices it’s breaking old modes of trade In the current climate. Snakes are free to explore new opportunity in the market while it salvages the remains and sends the rest to auction.

Horse | Gemini

Chart Crown at Zero degrees and the Node at 2 degrees.

The Horse has the Node aspect giving it full access to what it wants. For some Horses this meant positions of power lasting for some time.

This exclusivity is fading fast as the Node grows closer to the Serpent sign. In the coming year that flow will ebb. Horse could see portfolios slide if they don’t reign in excess stock and trades before bell chimes.

Goat | Cancer

No planets or aspects at present.

Goat signs are floating on cloud nine in this cycle. You’ve had a full summer and as fall drops its colors your turning over a new leaf.

This process begins by reviewing where you’ve been before you try to ascend to the next plateau. Hold your ground but prepare to step-up, in a new realm.

Monkey | Leo

No planets or aspects at present.

Monkey’s on cruise control. Benefiting by the great stars and aspects this year Monkey, shines bright. You’ve had challenges but like cream you rise to the top.

To put your talents to use Monkey gets a shot at staging a new venue that looks well, worth your while. So go ahead and jump at the chance.

Bird | Virgo

Ascendant horizon and Part of Fortune at 6 degrees.

The Ascendant Horizon and the Part of Fortune in the Bird is a big wake-up call!! You’ll see values that add up to feather the nest as birds migrate over to a new grid and get settled in. As first responders, be prepared to witness the era of a new dawn.

Thank you to all my Readers and Listeners the Zodiac Muse and the Blog appreciate you!

Flying Stars shifted again for October into the first week of November. Stay turned to the Zodiac Muse for the up coming podcast episode on how this cosmic event affects your Lucky Stars.

China Rose
China Rose

Author and Artist China Rose reads the signs and navigates the Lucky Stars for the luck of your life!

Mercury Long Shadow | Fall 2021

Right now, Mercury is retrograde and it’s pattern casts a long shadow. In this bonus episode we can take a deeper dive into what that means for good fortunes, now and into the foreseeable future.

Mercury is Retrograde from September 27th to October 18th, 2021 with the Shadow period lasting until November 3rd.

Audio Transcript | Mercury Long Shadow | Fall 2021

There’s a New Moon and Sun in the Dog on October 6th so stay tuned for that episode coming out soon.

Let’s take a look at how this plays out.

On October 6th the same day as the New Dog Moon and Sun, planetoid, Pluto is in opposition as it goes goes forward, in the sign of the Ox. On the same day the monthly, Flying Stars will change -again. These multi-layered shifts create generational impressions on a new grid.

This dynamic will have a wider cultural impact to re-shuffle the deck on all platforms. Popular Players will fall from grace and new faces will take their places. Pluto is small but it’s influence has the added weight to tip the balance in a new direction.

In October the Flying Stars double-up with the Annual Stars lasting until first week of November. Stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse podcast for the October Flying Stars episode coming soon to and the Zodiac Muse.

October 11th Saturn returns from retrograde motion in the Tiger sign. This is going to turn the tide. Saturn is Grandfather time and the task master. Anything related to responsibility and ancestral lines is fortified by the old bones of Saturn. Saturn’s return from retrograde in the Tiger will put humanitarian issues on the front burner.

Yes, Mercury is retrograde again. This time it started on September 27th and it will return to forward motion on October 18th. On the same day the Grand Duke, Jupiter goes forward in the Tiger. This will amplify the usual retrograde effects.

The Dog with Mercury and Tiger with Jupiter are part of the same Zodiac Triad. This cosmic coincidence portends a working group of Power will make progress for humanity. But what Mercury’s Shadow, mean? What is Mercury retrograde?

It simply means the elliptical pathway of Mercury is now bent, behind Earth’s motion. It’s a complex system that happens fairly often but each time it occurs in a different space and time on the cosmic clock; giving way to varied facets in a recurring, loop.

When Mercury is retrograde it’s best known for throwing a wrench in the works and is said to slow things down. You don’t want to start anything new-new in this period but rather wrap up what’s already in progress.

Mercury is the Messenger planet that rules over commerce and communications. The Dog sign represents duty and it’s location on the compass presides over: courts, transportation and travel.

It includes partnerships, security forces, entertainment and long-term assets. When Mercury is retrograde everything tends to feel like it’s going backward. Old business needs to be resolved, things need to be reset, reviewed and redone.

Long Shadow

Time on the cosmic clock is measured by degrees. The 12 Zodiac signs of the compass directions, break evenly into 12 parts and each sign equals 30 degrees on the Cosmic Wheel of Time. Earth is a 360 degree, multi-dimensional Orb.

Mercury sits at 25 degrees of the Dog sign on September 27th and will have rolled back to 10 degrees in the Dog sign, when it’s elliptic pathway goes forward on October 18th. Mercury will cross over it’s Shadow to get back to 25 degrees; where it was when it first went retrograde.

The shadow period lasts until November 2nd as it crosses over it’s own cosmic loop. It’s like Mercury déjà vu. You’ll notice we’ve been here before, so-to-speak.

While this can feel like walking over a grave, it can feel daunting but it’s also good since it leads to fresh discoveries. Things lost in darkness can be illuminated more clearly. This “shadow” period features rather unusual planetary motions that hook into each other in a chain reaction.

This chain reaction brings about a Vortex of cosmic events to sweep us into a New Year in 2021. So what can we expect and how will this play out?

Mercury Crosses Mars

On November 10th Mercury catches up to Mars in the Pig sign to come from behind and score a goal to increase benefits for the most vulnerable. In this cosmic event a new set of standards will expose those who have something to hide. A tug-of-war between public rights and personal ideals will clash in this timeline.

Then we get a breath of fresh air as Neptune returns forward motion on December 1st. While Lord of the Underworld, Neptune has been retrograde we have seen deep divisions, and looked down chasms as unforeseen events sunk us farther into a morass of delusions. When Neptune returns forward a veil will be lifted and truth will out.

Holy Cow! Venus Crosses Pluto

On December 19th Venus at 25 degrees in the Ox sign crosses over Pluto at 25 degrees and then reverses drive to goes retrograde in the Ox sign. Venus then crosses back over Pluto. This is a High-Stakes juncture affecting platforms and foundations that will be rocked. Some will crumble.

Venus is the planet of Love, Luck and Luxury. Pluto is a small, rock in-a-hard place, a planetoid that governs Fate. The pebble in the shoe. The fly in the ointment, unexpected consequences coming back. As they say: hold on-to-your-hat! It’s a bumpy ride.

Venus Crosses Mercury – Crossing Pluto

By December 29th Venus is going retrograde in slow motion at 24 degrees with Pluto at 25 degrees in the Ox as Mercury crosses over a Retro Venus and then crosses-over Pluto. All this cosmic action happens within 1 degree on the chart that leaves and indelible mark. Something must be written-off.

Mercury will go retrograde on January 14th, 2022 with a backward elliptic into the Ox, then goes forward on February 3rd. Rolling back over Pluto, Mercury is present to officiate a love tryst in the stars, singular to none.

Forever Love: Mars Meets Venus | 2022

This cauldron of motion stirs the cosmic soup to create a very unique pattern fusing a connection between cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus. This future event is put in motion when when Mercury goes retrograde on September 27th, 2021.

It all leads down the aisle on Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2022 as Earth’s most famous celestial couple light up the galaxy. It’s not common for these two celestial bodies to meet up, but when Venus and Mars conjoin in the sign of the Ox at 15 degrees it’s a marriage made in Heaven. A holiday for love that can last forever.

Coming Soon to and the Zodiac Muse Podcast

Dog Days: New dog Moon and Sun on October 6th

  • October Flying Stars change October 6th
  • Stay tuned for new episodes of the Zodiac Muse for your Lucky Stars!!

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Hare Full Moon and Moon Cake Festival Podcast

Hare Full Moon and Moon Cake Festival Podcast

Audio Transcript | Hare Full Moon and Mooncake Fest Podcast episode

September 20 at 4:54 PM PDT Earth has a Full Moon at 28 degrees in the sign of the Hare.

This lunar event will last longer than most full moons in a sense, as this Moon coincides with the Sun’s shift to the Dog sign two days later.

This extends the cycle by adding energy to it’s peak nature rather than rising full to begin a decline. It’s a long moon on the curve.

This will help to preserve things of value that would otherwise rapidly decline. It brings an unexpected advantage. But the window is short, so rise to the occasion.

Mooncake Fest

The Mid Autumn Festival is September 21, 2021.

This festival celebrates the harvest season when the Moon is fullest. It’s a celebration of the Moon Goddess, Chang’e and the Gods of Good Fortune.

A thanksgiving for the harvest in the lunar cycles. Ancient folklore features supernatural takes of adventure about star-crossed lovers in the Journey to the West. Enjoy sweet cakes and family gatherings in the safest possible manner.

Sun Dog

The Sun moves to the sign of the Dog on September 22 at 12:22 PM, PDT.

While the Sun is in the Dog this month the spotlight will be on travel, transportation, commerce and security. Music, entertainment and fashion will also be highlighted.

Dogs are the best buddies to the Hare sign. They love adventures seeking treasures and they make super, side-kicks just running to the store. Dogs are part of the Power Triad with the Horse and Tiger.

These Captain of of Industry types, pedigreed pooches and plain’ol sporty mutts will get their day in the Sun from late September to late October! Happy Solar return to my Dogs buddies.

MERCURY goes Retro

The planet Mercury will go retrograde motion in the sign of the Dog on September 27th and returns on October 18th, 2021. The elliptic path of Mercury shifts from forward to backward, in terms of Earth’s spin. This is said to affect how we perceive things coming-back rather than going forward. Mercury is the quicksilver, the cosmic alchemist who is the messenger.

In this phase we have the added “shadow” element of Mercury where, once it returns forward it must regain ground it had already covered. That means it sits at 28 degrees now and will go backward to 10 degrees.

Cross Over

Mercury crosses it’s shadow by November 2nd. This transit is highly unusual as Mercury quickly catches up to Mars, the War God on November 10th.

Venus then crosses over Pluto in the Ox at 25 degrees just before December 19th when Our Lady of Love and Luxury, goes retrograde. Mercury is hot on their heels in a double, cosmic-twister, when Venus rolls back over Pluto on December 24th for Christmas Eve.

That’s not all… On December 29th Mercury and Venus are conjoined and for New Years Eve a retrograde Venus crosses over Mercury. These celestial events are uncommon and they have a back and forth quality that imprints life with extreme experiences.

Note: This time frame now and through to the New Year 2022 will be dramatically affected by this transit point. Stay tuned for more details.

Coming Soon to KittySol is the New Dog Moon and Sun October 6th.

Stay turned and come back soon for the new season of Zodiac Muse podcast episodes on Thank you to all my readers and listeners. May good fortunes follow you all your life, long!

Urban Wild | sidewalk gardens & meadows

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Planets are locked in a tight configuration for this coming Valentines day celebration.

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Moon Gate

We have a Full Moon in the Rat on June 17th at 1:31AM PDT and the Sun is in the Horse, sign.


Lunar Crossroads

There are many significant factors to this event. One prime factor is its relationship to the up coming cosmic tides: it’s a 30-day-point (prequel) to a Partial, Lunar eclipse on July 16th. Look for this moon to expose the elements and themes surrounding that event. And we are just 2 weeks away from a Summer, Total, Solar Eclipse, New Moon on July 2nd. Like a spoon, Mercury spins retrograde on July 7th happens to stir the plot.


Spanner Works

The number and velocity of vortex spinners in this stellar chart formation seems remarkable to me. It shares ties with the up-and-coming, chart patterns as Earth aligns with a True Black Moon, July 31st and a coming Mercury transit. Why does it matter? Cosmological forces can shift consciousness, awareness to brake-up hardened, perceptions as they bend over backwards to stay the status quo. Often a minor course correction at a critical juncture determines fortunes for extended periods. Likened to how a tiny grit of sand crafts a pearl, a minor component exerts a big impact over time.


Shock Factory

This Full Moon has a big shock and awe factor with the power of the Little; meaning the tiniest thing draws the attention of a wider scope. It can be maddening for those who seek to control rather than steward resources. Further scrutiny over the smallest of details can unravel worlds and upset apple carts. Process and ritual will be back in vogue because they produce measurable results.


Moon Cheese

Another unusual characteristic of this Full Mouse (Rat) Moon is two-fold with a gilded edge. First: the powerful Rat and Ox combo is harnessed as a team and they share a crown at Zero on the top of this chart. This team under one sphere shares a literal, market, rim. The Full Rat Moon enjoys the perks and benefits of sitting on Jupiter’s throne as the Grand Duke transits the Rat through 2019. This Moon, booster brings rapid accelerations in a wild-card, format; where, yet-again the early imaginings may not fully encapsulate a true mission or comprehend its outcomes.


Second Chances: lost and found

This eccentric Full Moon has even, more unusual character traits to unfold: is carries two sets of double, Zeroes. These zeros each have their own vortex of energy and the placement sits on the Grand Cross of Earth’s cardinal directions making this moon a gateway, an epic crossroads in time. The key players: Rat Full Moon and Jupiter joined at the hip with misfits, Saturn and Pluto are at the top of the crown with a zero in the Ox. The Ascendant horizon sits at zero in the Dragon with Chiron; the Anchor dredges bottom at zero in the Goat with a tight-knit group of rainmakers as the chart’s tour-de-force and natural, Part of Fortune ironically, gets a flat on a sour note when the Dog hits zero in a hallow, empty vacuum, on the back side.


Power Dynamics

Worth noting above and listing here below, this full moon will touch chart dynamics of powerful, collective groups that are cross-wired to play off each other in complex ways:

  • the Ox Saturn/Pluto misfits are gifted with a Gem in the crown and a spherical edge.
  • the Dragon on the Ascendant Zero with Chiron nearby is a passive wild card and a demonstration that takes the cake, hands down.
  • the Horse duet of Venus and the Sun is a misstep or broken spoke on the wheel of fortunes. Venus is stands alone as the Sun blazes on in another direction.
  • the Goat trio of the Node, Mercury and Mars is a tight occulting, bundled within 2 degrees offers a payload that sparks a lot of drama and carries a bigger promise.
  • The most notable coupling is the Cozy Moon and Jupiter combo in the Rat. Alas they are ships passing in the night: she’s too young and bold, he’s to old and cold, that’s how the story goes.

Read all about it, in your Lucky ✨Stars on Millions of Fortunes told on Here are all your Lucky Stars for the Full Rat Moon, until the next New Moon cycle, a Total Solar Eclipse in the Goat: Good Luck!!

Lucky Rat

Rat 🐀 | Sagittarius ♐️

Flying Stars: Fighting Star 3 is Unlucky. Don’t lash out. Grief can cause irreparable harms. Cool your jets and don’t squabble. Make peace and extend an olive branch with cool cucumber sandwiches and minty, refreshments.

Planets and Aspects: Moon at 25 degrees stretches the limits on authority with Jupiter (retrograde) at 18 degrees. They best way to make ends meet is to go the long way round. Beware of shortcuts; it could be a gopher trap.

Lucky Ox

Ox 🐂 | Capricorn ♑️

Flying Stars: Money Luck and Miracle Star 1 boosts romance and examination Luck that can advance projects and improve process: little by little, step, by-step. Going back or revisiting, Square One offers you a chance to grasp a brass ring and toss your hat into center stage at the same time. Opportunities lost can be found by covering old ground, with new eyes.

Planets and Aspects: Chart Crown at Zero degrees. This is a jewel in the crown and a feather in your cap, or a bee in your bonnet. A few lucky souls will be gifted with powers in venues that you don’t have before. Treasure the goose that lays a golden egg and it will lay one everyday.

  • Lucky Tiger

Tiger 🐅 | Aquarius ♒️

Flying Stars: Money Luck and Miracle Star 1 boosts romance and examination Luck that can advance projects and improve process: little by little, step, by-step. Going back or revisiting, Square One offers you a chance to grasp a brass ring and toss your hat into center stage at the same time. Opportunities lost can be found by covering old ground, with new eyes.

Planets and Aspects: none at present.

Lucky Hare

Hare 🐇 | Pisces ♓️

Flying Stars: Icky Yellow 5 flies in to shut down the access and waylay your plans. Unlucky Star patterns can upset and cause all manner of distress. It’s just a riff in the system so let go of your ego. Humility and civility are your best traits and your best remedy. A laid back approach to everything that gets in your way, is easier to manage. Take the long road. This too shall pass.

Planets and Aspects: Neptune at 18 degrees hovers above the Ascendant horizon. Be conscious that there is a gap in understanding and things are not always what they seem. Listen for internal guidance and heed external, warning signs. Don’t feed your demons or they will follow you everywhere. Make time to take time to reflect and review on the space between as a natural theme.

Lucky Dragon


Dragon 🐉 | Aries ♈️

Flying Stars: Heaven Star 6 brings Victory and success luck to where Hope for the better was almost despaired of. Ships, sent sailing long ago may return laden with cargo to meet and greet every need, on time and in full. Pass go and collect a fortune in good will and glad tidings.

Planets and Aspects: Ascendant Horizon at Zero degrees and Chiron at 5 degrees. This particular Zero placement is by nature a Dragon, which defines concept of: speaking-out and having a voice and it does so with no words, just a passive resonator that exudes potency. What is a passive resonator, it’s a gesture, a posture, a composure that speaks beyond words. Express yourself with new methods that show, more than tell, and play an active roll in pressing-out clear messages with great body language.

Lucky Snake


Snake 🐍 | Taurus ♉️

Flying Stars: Heaven Star 6 brings Victory and success luck to where Hope for the better was almost despaired of. Ships, sent sailing long ago may return laden with cargo to meet and greet every need, on time and in full. Pass go and collect a fortune in good will and glad tidings.

Planets and Aspects: Uranus at 5 degrees is an internal pile driver that provides reserves you didn’t know you had or realized you’ve been using. It’s an extremely programmable, factor that requires practice to properly craft-it, to refine and shape its prime mission and dedicated, purpose. With it you can fashion any and all life changes internally, that pass directly through the looking glass out onto the production line, in real time.

Lucky Horse


Horse 🐎 | Gemini ♊️

Flying Stars: Illness Star 2 is called, Sarp Yit which is the dark water of Sha Chi (negative) energy that can spread contaminates. Mind your particles and parse your matter, carefully. Make sure to use correct tools and follow proper protocols. Cures for this Star also require rest and self-reflection. This area in the grid (South, game and reputation) is under quarantine for the time being. Pick and hammock and idle your jets.

Planets and Aspects: Venus at 19 degrees and the Sun at 25 degrees are heavy hitters that didn’t click. Venus in this place, is in detriment. Tip-toe carefully and watch out that excess energy, of any kind, doesn’t get out of hand. Don’t over spend, over-cook, over explain, or over-do-it anything in anyway that goes past, the bare minimum. Just let the dust settle before sweeping changes begin. The Sun is blazing glory every morning, so be made glad in that!

Lucky Goat


Goat 🐐 | Cancer ♋️

Flying Stars: Peach Blossom Star of Popularity and Social Luck brings 100 reasons to party. The granny goat and the sheepish herd are all having a roiling, good time swinging from the vine and taking a role in the Bigger, picture. Weddings, reunions, showers and congratulations, victory laps; and any reason to celebrate is cause to strike up the band and get the gang together. Community Spirit is cultivated by taking part in social events so join the club or create one.

Planets and Aspects: Node at 16 degrees, Mercury at 19 degrees and Mars at 20 degrees is a power pack, team that is holding all the Aces in this chart. With it you have the key, the memorabilia and a means to transmit it with a passionate, winning style, is pure, Ultra Violet. Code breakers and rainmakers get a windfall with a bonanza of good.

Lucky Monkey


Monkey 🐒 | Leo ♌️

Flying Stars: Peach Blossom Star of Popularity and Social Luck brings 100 reasons to party. The granny goat and the sheepish herd are all having a roiling, good time swinging from the vine and taking a role in the Bigger, picture. Weddings, reunions, showers and congratulations, victory laps; and any reason to celebrate is cause to strike up the band and get the gang together. Community Spirit is cultivated by taking part in social events so join the club or create one.

Planets and Aspects: None at present.

Lucky Bird


Bird 🦅 | Virgo ♍️

Flying Stars: Lucky Ripening Star 9 goes in either direction, and is sometimes super lucky or catastrophically, bad lucky. The Magic of the 9 Star is that it multiplies good and/or bad. So you have to keep an eye on it with protective measures to gauge how to magnify and intensifies everything you want while eliminating the undesirables. The ripening Star must be plucked and preserved or enjoyed in the now. Coming to fruition is also some public accountability and the Bean counters will have plenty to crow about.

Planets and Aspects: none at present.

Lucky Dog


Dog 🐕 | Libra ♎️

Flying Stars: Lucky Wealth Star 8 brings treasures to the table and hard assets to your door. Lucky * Star makes it easy to get support for the thing you do. This month pay dirt is your sandbox so be sure and invest in yourself and sock some away for further advancements. Credit yourself and give generously to your own well being and the results will astound you.

Planets and Aspects: The Part of Fortune hits Zero on the descendant side. It’s a big wallop, a boomerang and a wild card rolled into a valuable life lesson or a one-time deal. It looks tricky so be careful you don’t get swindled or trifled with. Let down your guard, any form if attack-mode is beyond control, so don’t hurt the messenger.

Lucky Pig


Pig 🐖 | Scorpio ♏️

Flying Stars: Lucky Wealth Star 8 brings treasures to the table and hard assets to your door. Lucky * Star makes it easy to get support for the thing you do. This month pay dirt is your sandbox so be sure and invest in yourself and sock some away for further advancements. Credit yourself and give generously to your own well being and the results will astound you.

Planets and Aspects: none at present.

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