Lunar Land

Day Streams

Day Streams

Houses are flying through the sky as the inner rim planets all change places. This is the time to prepare for our seasonal rites of passage.

The planetary configurations have caused an upheaval in routine matters and daily do’s. It’s kicking up a cloud of cosmic dust that has left some sheets blowing out in the breeze. To run and catch one thing we have to let go of another. Pull the excess off the line before the next go around. Don’t try to do it all, just do the one-thing, well and good and let the excess blow.

To find the sweet spot (= the place you want to be at work and/or home), is like falling through a worm hole for a lunar landing. You have to stick it just right and you have to be open to new ideas and then try them! Dragon (vitality) luck is flying at high altitudes so let these scaly creatures do the leg work and lead us into an era of possibles not-yet-tried.

Whose luck benefits most? Dragon’s (vitality) and snakes (serpent/wisdom) and cows (ox/status) have a loop hole, so use-it, don’t lose. Lasso your wishes like a steer, bulldog style! Come out of the shoot full blast and wrestle it to the ground. This requires courage born of practice. So take a risk off the shelf and roll with it, in the mud if you have to. Remember be dirty and flirty, fun and frisky and take the bull by the horns. Show it, who’s bossy the cow?

Cows (ox/status) will get a booster shot of super, serum for youth and beauty. It’s not invasive and it works fantastic! The Dogs (duty) clan can catch a fly ball way out in left field.

Ello, ello… doggie, “left” field, not home base where you are camped-out, get out there. If you pooches have learned anything on your Saturn transit (in the last 2.5 years) it’s to stop expecting some traditional role to land in your food bowl. Don’t leave ducks sitting or laying around. It’s a hunt and fetch market to find the biscuits.

Look, the simplest way for the doggie to do this trick (and it’s true for all of you zoo-shop profiles, especially dogs) is to do a service for someone and THEN see what unfolds. Don’t do the service where you want, the way you want it done. Allow some unexpected offer to take you by surprise. Let the world bring you a task to preform (probably not what you are looking for) and then shine through to the other side. For all the zodiac this will be true, but doggie’s have a special task at hand.

It’s always a test to see if you are willing to let go of old patterns, old ideals, old thoughts, old memories, torn relationships, (etc.) and until “you” are willing to let the past, pass …nothing else can come through the line. You can’t get on another elevator going up until you get off the one you that’s bringing you down, Get-it?

Holding onto the old will only keep you locked in the past. Good luck!

Here are highlights for the luck stars & signs on the New Moon post for September 15th in the Bird (esteem) sign. Next post will be the super powerful, upcoming, Dragon Full moon on September 29th. Get a costume ready it’s going to be a bouncy ball. These two moons (beauteous bird & beastly dragon) make a perfect, matched-set and balanced pair.

Wedding bells ring and true love blooms, a bright, cornflower blue down the corridors of the coming end zone. Tie the knot and take a bow. The parts, pieces and strings will come together when you let them find their own center of gravity, naturally. The coming Moon Cake Festival is a feast of delights to experience.

Luck Stars & Signs:

Rat: luck stars take a dip in the detox zone so careful not to stew on any old wounds or open up sore spots. I’d keep the kettle on and make tea your favorite pastime. Honor traditions and go beyond your limited vision to contemplate and digest a larger view. Look at what’s in front of you. Slow the pace and lower the heat, like a tapestry loom your personal plans will evolve inside a larger team or framework. You won’t see them, it’s what you feeling that matters. Practice your good life in a notebook and watch it materialize in due time. Don’t chew on any fish bones or throw sticks and stones. Just lay back and relax. The entire, cleansing procedure will be over soon.

Ox: super luck evolves in your money and miracles slot as the wheel turns to do you a big favor, hold on! Pluto (fate) goes zooming back into a direct pattern (9/16) and that pulls a well-planted rug of generational pasture, right out from under your hooves. When you break and egg, don’t throw it away, scramble it. There is a rainbow here, so let it rain and get the buckets ready if it decides to pour. Capture and captivate your cool vibe in a hot fashion by exposing it to your greatest passion.

Tiger: like a warm, cozy blanket you can snuggle-up to the big-happy and lucky-in-love, stars will shimmer and shine to beam you a permanent halo! Logs on your campfire will burn bright and go long, all season. You’ve got a bumper crop of luck stars to harvest from dawn to dusk. Clustered like grapes and caviar in globs and in rows, just pick what you like and have a go. Baskets full of happiness arrive when you leave the old rhetoric alone. Be kind and make hay while the stars shine!

Hare: luck stars take a pit stop so you can get a breather off the treadmill for some refreshing delights. Don’t push your luck, it just might bite. The stars are aligned for a brief and stable respite. Take this time, and set it aside. Don’t squander it by trying to beat the clock. It will only fall into a million pieces with springs and junk falling out of it’s face. Hey I am just reading the writing on the wall. Stay still, be quiet, this is an official time-out for good behavior, not bad. It’s Spa month at bunnies place! Mask the madness in cucumber bliss.

Dragon: time is ripe to pick all the juicy fruits in sight and pin your hopes on the highest stars in the skyline. Know what you desire most and hold that thought ever so gently in the front of your mind. Know it, don’t want after it -or you’ll repel what draws near. Like minds and birds-of-a-feather, it’s a rule dear. To fulfill your grail of happiness totally blend the old with the new and don’t let the cow run away with your new shoes.

At Billy’s request… extra details for the Dragon’s special luck recipe: pick three (3) items you really want, use bold statements and (3) word assertions, not more. Write each item down in plain language (like a grocery list) and use italic or cursive letters. Tape your ideas/desires to the wall. Place them on the wall you look at most and in line (level) with the top of your forehead. Keep your (3) ideas of your best success there for 30 days and then promptly throw them away.

Serpent: heaven luck shines a bank of spotlights on the highlights of your life to unravel a mystery and make history. The serpentine path is open for business and it’s a long winding tale that never ends. This my slinky, scaly friend is the sojourner you’ve been looking for in the land of forgotten dreams. A ball of yarn will unravel and it’s leads to the magic door that you alone, hold the key for. Here is where you can make a dramatic entrance into flaming glories that never end. Open the door.

Horse: lucks stars are in detox mode, go slow and lay back from the usual rigamarole. Stay put to stoke the homes fires and keep your goals white hot. There is a lot of good that can be gleaned from the fabulous funk in these star patterns. Stay high and dry and don’t let the mold take hold, break out, be free. Fire and water are only a good combination when you float or skim along the surface. Don’t go deep, stay focused on the outer rim of a wider curve. After a near misery, you’ll be wearing laurels soon!

Goat: social and political luck give you the kick you need to raise the bar to a new set of standards, who knew? You did of course. Get ready to be reviewed for the great things you do. Accolades will be arriving like doves, in droves flying home. Love gets you as good as you give and sometimes even more. Never take advantage of it’s naturally, sweet flavor by adding bitters. Appreciation is the polish that removes the thorns. Untangle the chains that bind you, they are all in your own mind.

Monkey: romance luck burns so bright it brings the object of your desire into the limelight and perhaps even your real-life. Pass the test with flying colors by waving a banner and making a racket. Say yes and move your projects forward on the board. Don’t be so casual about something you want, make it more formal and you’ll see better results. If you don’t feel good enough then no one will feel it either. It’s up to you to raise the stakes and call the shots the way you want them. Step-up and take charge. There is magic in believing.

Bird: Mega watt stars power your luck quotient on every channel and in every dimension. Lucky stars dominate the scene and this arena is a freshly minted, gold mind. Opportunity is being surveyed for future earnings while fortunes floods in. Keep everything going full speed and do not apply the brakes there is a free fall up ahead that lands you in paradise. Don’t be afraid of low altitude flights of fancy just let the currents take you away. Luck stars are all aglow to flow, curl and unfurl for you in Spiral mode.

Dog: your luck stars have long legs that can go the distance for winning the race and there is a short-cut up ahead to your saving grace. It’s the last chance to do the thing you’ve avoided most (<= clue here) that can lead you to the promise land of your fondest hopes. Don’t get caught up in the ropes, free your mind and go for a ride, stick your head out the window and just let things unwind. And while your hanging five look for the tale-tail signs… then follow them.

Pig: fate comes to the table to play a hand. Your luck stars are quite robust, in multiple categories of money luck and romance and with a healthy zest for adventure. With this comes a jumbo-jet, sized expense account to tide things over and smooth out all the past, frayed edges. A pearl strand of advantages leads to a purse of winnings to pad your fresh, new beginnings. Pick up on this thread and follow it all the way to the spool. Be sure to toss out anything doesn’t proof-a-point.  Float effortlessly, be buoyant, unfettered and unbound. Your joy power will take you there. Warm things up like clay to mold them your way. These are stars you got-a work and play with to make them yours.

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Our Sun (image) is in the Bird (virtue) sign until Sept 22nd bringing awareness and attention to the details of our budgeting systems and health concerns. The new bird moon is a great time to organize and stabilize your environments but don’t drive yourself cuckoo. Feathering the nest is sufficient. Note: to

follow through on the minutiae details in life with sun in the bird sign always pays off, very well.

When our Sun (image) moves to the Dog (duty) sign (9/22) it will be on the Autumn equinox. Equal light and dark days happen at our Earth’s equator. Celebrate Earth’s turning of wheel with changing colors and seasonal hues by attending feasts and festivals.

This year the Dog (duty) sign will turn over a whole new leaf in the pages of their lives. Planet Saturn (time) leaves their sign after an exhausting 2.5 years transit is complete. This karmic ~ dharma ring will leave a long trail of benefits for those who have done their homework and towed the line (on responsibilities) through it’s whole course. It was a tough one. Soon Saturn moves over to the Pig (noble) sign and we’ll visit that crafty configuration in October.

Mars (energy) is now in the sonic Pig sign which lends an exaggerated theme to almost everything. It’s like a fuzzy aura along the outside edges. For the brave and bold the space between worlds has a new corridor you can walk through. Fiery displays on the curtains are quite impressive and illuminating.

Planet Mercury (messenger) is now counting beans in the Bird sign, chipping off points and shaving percentages with a precision that is a like anew, new religion. If you want to make change (ka-ching) be willing to get down to the nitty-gritty. Parse out all the details with some extra starch to get things pressed and folded the way you want them.

On (9/16) our singing canary (Mercury, messages) moves over to the Dog (duty) sign and deal-breaker news will set your sails billowing on a whole new course of action. Storm the beaches and take no prisoners, this is a life mission.

Venus ~ our lady of love and luxury is now hanging from the jungle, vines in the Monkey sign. Luckily the moon is well-grounded and rounded after being exalted in the Serpent sign last week. As the lunar scape shifts past the Horse sign we got more than we bargained with a surplus in stores.

In a poetic moment etched in the sands of time, Venus and the moon coincided to shower loves magic to the whole tribe.

Dragons have long been linked to luck, lore and metaphor …so what’s happening in real-time for the modern, world dragon? The Bird sign will be supremely lucky this 2012 Autumn season. Bird’s are the Dragon’s secret buddy so you’ll have some superior advantages to execute life altering changes. That can mean this world, virtual territories and extreme planes as well.

The Monkey (talent) sign is playful, joyful, wild and (highly) unpredictable. Chimps off the old block are often watched and scene for the quintessential trickster role they play on a world stage. Simple Simon politics, pony tails, fluffy sweaters and apple pie bide time in the star wagon on their way to a parade. The time is now to Showcase your grand designs.

Old and new combine and intertwine like a vintage side car with a robotic driver. Marvels of sci-fi in real life boggle and toggle the mind. There’s an action-packed adventure taking flight. Like a bird, travel light, weights are measured at every interval.

Last weekends Goat moon gave us thrills and chills in rivers and tides as the kids mowed down the competition with rag-tag submissions. It’s all about letting go while hanging on for dear life. If only by a thread or possibly a Hare?


Many clients often ask me how to have feng shui luck without an Asian decor and this Roller Bunny from One Kings Lane has great feng shui aspects. It brings magic to the moon cake festival when kept in the East.

Red Roller Bunny @ One Kings Lane