Double Dragon Full Moon | October 20, 2021

On October 20th at 8:08 AM, PDT Earth has a Full Dragon Moon. This Moon rises at sunset on the horizon at 99% illumination for two nights in a row.

Audio Transcript| Double Dragon Full Moon on October 20, 2021

This Full Dragon Moon creates a unique cosmic event to shed light on it’s subjects for two nights, instead of one.

Dragons who are known for their vitality have an extended showing in the night sky, one with a life altering twist. Mystical Dragons are all high drama and special effects! Never anything ordinary. It is said in ancient lore that two Dragons open the Gates of Heaven.

First and foremost though a Dragon is a creator. As you might imagine in today’s world they all have leading roles. If you know a Dragon then you know they play for keeps. This one surely does that.

Double Dragons

The mighty Dragon is part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat and Monkey signs. The Peach Blossom sign for the Dragon is the Gold Bird and the Phoenix is the Dragons super buddy or mate. In case you don’t already know, Dragons are formidable, fierce. The stuff of legends.

Double Dragons are legendary. They represent success in its highest form and promote a legacy of good fortunes that can be lasting. Dragon are icons of longevity and long life. When Double Dragons arrive it suggest a new sense of harmony will prevail.

Read the Signs

All Moons are different. This full moon is winning pair of Aces! It will bring information to light and extend peak performance. Dragons are very eccentric and particular in their ways and means. They are traditionalists, to the core so mind the rules.

Jupiter and Mercury just came forward together which will amplify it’s effects into a long shadow period that ends on November 2nd. You can listen to the Mercury Long Shadow bonus, Podcast on Zodiac Muse. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Vurbl, Google Play and Amazon Audio.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac animal signs on the compass and constellations for the Dragon Full Moon October 20th, 2021.


Rat | Sagittarius

Planets and aspects for Rat sign and Sagittarius constellation have Lady Luck Venus at 14 degrees. This is a lonely spot for the lady of love and luxury.

She’s a bit of a hermit in this phase as she transits toward her meeting with Mars coming in February 2022. For now she’s flies solo giving Rats some extra sparkle and pizazz.

Rat’s part of Dragon’s Ruling Triad with the Monkey sign, so expect things to go your way in this moon phase.


Ox | Capricorn

Planets and aspects for the Ox sign and Capricorn constellation have Pluto at 24 degrees. Pluto moved ahead only 1 degree this year before going backwards 2degrees in retrograde motion. Now that Pluto is forward again it will catch up to land at 26 degrees on the new year.

That puts a positive spin on a tough transition after what may have felt like never-ending irritations. Now your free to get some relief.

Pluto rules over the fates of generations and can also affect individuals directly depending on your personal charts. For now that this distance traveler, Pluto is going forward and you’ll see incremental progress in production and administrative matters.

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Tiger | Aquarius

Planets and aspects for Tiger sign and Aquarius constellation have Saturn at 6 degrees and Jupiter at 22 degrees. Both of these outer rim planets are also pushing forward with a new currency trend.

They are not-nearly close enough to have any effects combined so they’ll operate separately making Tigers feel a bit torn. However Saturn’s transit only happens every 28 years and the Grand Duke Jupiter is getting ready to speed forward into the Hare sign, come November.

Tigers will see their workload is better delegated and easier to balance in this fall cycle. Soon, Jupiter will rides off into the sunset and he won’t be back for another 12 years. Enjoy this outsized benefactor and take the path to your next great adventure, now while that time is near.


Hare | Pisces

Planets and aspects for Hare sign and Pisces constellation are hosting the gas giant, Neptune which is still retrograde at 22 degrees until December 1st. When Neptune returns a veil will be lifted and bunnies can expect a big shift.

Neptune known as the Holy Grail in myth and lore is the planet of illusions and also personal fulfillment. When Neptune pushes forward things as they were, will no longer exist.

Revelations, shifting expectations and more are in store for my Bunnykins. Your new benefactor Jupiter moves in and the-times, they are changing. Shore-up loose ends before the whirlwind begins. Jupiter will be in your sign in 2022 showering you with good fortunes.


Dragon | Aries

Planets and aspects for Dragon sign and Aries constellation have Chiron retrograde at 9 degrees still turning back the clock and the Full Moon at 27 degrees. This Moon doubles-up while in the Dragon by going Full on the 19th and holding its illumination on the 20th.

Brilliance will shine bright, the lost will be found and genius discoveries will come to fruition. Double Dragons are going to make themselves known and their voices heard.

The world of abundance is not just for the few, it’s for everyone and here we may see some a life altering changes to the bigger picture. It’s a work in progress but Dragons always win even when it seems all is dashed they rally and begin a new conquest.


Snake | Taurus

Planets and aspects for Snake sign and Taurus constellation have the Part of Fortune at Zero degrees. This egg is ready to hatch some greater good. Since this Moon is in the Harvest mode you can expect something like a wild card to develop.

An unexpected boon may arrive on a whim or something special blows your way in the wind. It may even have a romantic notion attached to it. As the days unfold it will begin to reveal itself.

This could be a breath of fresh air since you’ve also got the effects of Uranus retrograde at 13 degrees resurfacing the Serpentine path. Sometimes a rocky road can lead to gold once you get past the gravel. Stay the course and find the treasure and mystery unravels.


Horse | Gemini

Planets and aspects for Horse sign and Gemini constellation have the Node aspect at 2 degrees. This is the tail end of the transit for the Node in the Horse sign, it’s coming to an end.

The Node will soon enter the Serpent in 2022 and open new avenues of income. But for now in the Horse sign, it’s a close-out after a long winning cycle. One that tested the system. It’s going to feel a bit weird when this happens and you still have a few more months to go.

Be ready to take your winnings off the table before the walls close in. It’s perfectly natural to know when to say: this is it. Just imagine the next step when this unbridled, era begins.


Goat | Cancer

There are no planets and aspects for Goat sign and Cancer constellation. The Goat sign is riding the top of the chart, climbing the trail to get to the pinnacle of her ambitions. And right now your so far ahead, no one can compete with your talent.

Even with a full load, Goats are out looking for another challenge. These kids deserve a chance to be heard and applauded. So go ahead and revel in the glow of appreciation, Goats won’t be the ones grinding the mill. It should be fun not work. Just bask in the glory and enjoy the view.


Monkey | Leo

Planets and aspects for Monkey sign and Leo constellation have the chart Crown at 7 degrees. This is going to present a selection, situation that goes your way. You’ll be the one picked from a larger bunch of nutty options.

Monkey’s are part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat and the Dragon. A tiara suits your style. In the everyday world of fashion the Monkey is looking regal.

Monkey’s might see a promotion with a new title. Wear new hat at work to improve your position and a bright idea may be worth a King’s ransom. Whatever the deal, trust your intuition and grab the best offer.


Bird | Virgo

Planets and aspects for Bird sign and Virgo constellation have nothing to report. The Bird is rising above the Ascendant and there’s an uptick in things finally moving in the right direction. Birds are the Dragons secret Buddy, their best mate and make a good choice for long term commitments.

Bird’s will benefit by the Dragons extra Moon shine. The Golden Bird is the Dragon’s Peach Blossom sign so expect a cozy love nest to come home to, at night. Birds may not stay tied down but they have a steady heart. Virtue is their super power.


Dog | Libra

Planets and aspects for Dog sign and Libra constellation are a full house with Mercury at 10 degrees, Mars at 23 degrees and the Sun at 27 degrees. Considering the Dog is most in their element when they are entertaining, you’ll certainly enjoy the warmth.

These celestial visitors are all well space from each other. This gathering of the hearts and minds gives Dogs a chance to learn first hand what’s been going on behind the scenes and set a course for new horizons.

The Sun is moving on the 22nd into the Pig sign but as the days go by, Mars and Mercury will ignite some wild passions. Dogs might be surprised.


Pig | Scorpio

Planets and aspects for Pig sign and Scorpio constellation have just one element and it’s the Ascendant horizon at Zero. This is an inherited trait. Something is predestined and it sets the stage for a grand opportunity to begin.

In perfect fashion, Pigs simply need to play along and accept this new role and take the gig. All Zero points are wild cards. So you’ll need to take a chance and accept it before it appears.

Not all Zero’s have the same attributes but this one is something you could keep waking up to. The Universe has wiped the slate clean so Pigs can start receiving more resources and accumulate greater, assets. All you need to do is set the tone by feeling worthy of your good.

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The Sun moves into the sign of the Pig on October 22nd for a new Zodiac month. Current, monthly Flying Stars doubled with the Annual Flying Stars so it’s much of the same as we’ve seen this year and the monthly Stars will change November 4th.

The New Pig Moon happens on November 4th and it’s a 30 day point to a coming, Total Solar eclipse. Stay tuned for that!

China Rose
China Rose

Your Zodiac Muse reading the Stars for the luck of your life!

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Dog days: New Moon and Sun October 6, 2021

Earth had a New Moon and Sun in the Dog sign on the 6th of October at 4:05AM PDT. It’s Dog days again!! Hi this is China Rose with your Lucky Stars for the Dog New Moon and Sun.

Audio Transcript | Dog days: New Moon and Sun October 6th 2021

Dog Days

September 20th to October 22nd 2021

Planet Mercury is retrograde in the Dog which will puts an emphasis on comebacks, renewals and reuse rather than anything, brand-new.

It’s all pumpkins and spice in the Northern Hemisphere. Mars conjoining the New Moon and Sun is a booster club for resurrections and reunions. It will breathe new life into things lost and forgotten.

Happy *Solar* Return Dog Signs!

A lot is happening in the Dog sign and you can learn more it by listening to the Mercury Long Shadow | Fall 2021 episode on the Zodiac Muse.

Happy, Happy Birthday and Solar return to all my Dog buddies out there. Lots of family, friends and clients are Dogs in my world. Celebrate the Dog sign which is the Sun’s transit in the month of Libra. It’s a great time to look for balance and seek justice.

Pluto goes forward on the Dog New Moon in the Ox sign.

Along with a Mercury retrograde on October 6th the planetoid, Pluto went forward in the sign of the Ox. This tiny pebble in a big cosmic pond sends out reverberations that strikes a new cord. Social trends will display new patterns affecting generations to come.

The Ox sign sits in opposition to the Dog so expect a few Cows to get in the way of progress. They can hold up the line when they get stuck in a rut. Dogs need to tend the herd or risk losing the farm.

Lucky Dogs

Flying Stars also changed on October 6th. The Lucky Stars patterns are doubling down with the Annual Stars but there are few Lucky Specials like we have seen over the last few months. Now we will see a wider margin: the best and the worst of things will show greater disparity as both ends of the spectrum are stretched to extremes.

Stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse for the coming podcast episode about this seasons Flying Stars.

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Solar Star Chart

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Here are your Lucky Stars for the all the Zodiac animal signs on this Dog New Moon cycle in 2021.

Dog | Libra

New Moon, the Sun and Mars at 13 degrees, Mercury retrograde at 20 degrees.

The New Moon and Sun gets loads of attention for Dogs signs with Mars conjoined to the dynamic duo. Retrograde Mercury adds to the mix in this moon cycle by staging comebacks and giving out second chances.

Pig | Scorpio

Lady Luck Venus at 26 degrees.

Our lady of love, luck and luxury gives Pig signs a world of opportunity to accomplish great things in this moon cycle, but she’s leaving soon. With a gilded edge and a stroke of luck, Our lady Venus casts a magic spell to make dreams come true.

Rat | Sagittarius

No planets or aspects at present.

The Rat sign rides low in the chart where they’re in their element. Rat loves to set up a cozy niche where everything has a place. Behind the scenes Rats are busy but they’ll get a chance this moon cycle for a change-of-pace. Time to reflect and create a beautiful space.

Ox | Capricorn

Pluto at 25 degrees goes forward direct.

Ox has a ghost of a chance. Yet Pluto is matching wits with the likes of the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in opposition to the Dog. By staging a dramatic counter weight to current, culture trends Ox tips the scales.

You can’t see it yet but foundations were tilted and platforms cracked as they begin to crumble in near-future, events.

Tiger | Aquarius

Saturn retrograde at 6 degrees and Jupiter retrograde at 22 degrees.

On October 18th Mercury in the Dog and Jupiter in the Tiger will both go forward at the same time. Normally, Mercury doesn’t get a high octane lift-off. But the Grand Duke Jupiter is the the planet of increase.

This event, I predict can expand awareness into a new mode of energy resource heretofore, unknown. Jupiter is source of unlimited, magnetic energy and Mercury is quicksilver in a fertile field of possibility.

Hare | Pisces

Neptune retrograde at 21 degrees.

Neptune is a fog machine obscuring the view in a veil of mystery. For now that’s just fine as Bunnies are minding their own bees wax, tending to the flock and sewing wild oats when no ones looking.

The status quo will be de rigueur for the time being as you refine your focus on the ta-do list, using laser precision. Magic will peek through the cracks in this cycle as Bunny is Dogs super buddy!

Dragon | Aries

Chiron at 10 degrees.

Dragons have a minor planet that is also classed as an asteroid that still presents loads of mystique to astronomers. For Dragons this is kind of contradiction is indigenous to it’s habitat. This extra-stellar visitor is taking it’s time while adding extra-value to all-things, Dragon.

Snake | Taurus

Uranus retrograde at 13 degrees.

Uranus is retrograde in the Snake sign making it’s eccentricities even more pronounced. It’s breaking up old norms to deify logic and whipsaw the mind in the world of finance.

As Uranus is left to it’s own devices it’s breaking old modes of trade In the current climate. Snakes are free to explore new opportunity in the market while it salvages the remains and sends the rest to auction.

Horse | Gemini

Chart Crown at Zero degrees and the Node at 2 degrees.

The Horse has the Node aspect giving it full access to what it wants. For some Horses this meant positions of power lasting for some time.

This exclusivity is fading fast as the Node grows closer to the Serpent sign. In the coming year that flow will ebb. Horse could see portfolios slide if they don’t reign in excess stock and trades before bell chimes.

Goat | Cancer

No planets or aspects at present.

Goat signs are floating on cloud nine in this cycle. You’ve had a full summer and as fall drops its colors your turning over a new leaf.

This process begins by reviewing where you’ve been before you try to ascend to the next plateau. Hold your ground but prepare to step-up, in a new realm.

Monkey | Leo

No planets or aspects at present.

Monkey’s on cruise control. Benefiting by the great stars and aspects this year Monkey, shines bright. You’ve had challenges but like cream you rise to the top.

To put your talents to use Monkey gets a shot at staging a new venue that looks well, worth your while. So go ahead and jump at the chance.

Bird | Virgo

Ascendant horizon and Part of Fortune at 6 degrees.

The Ascendant Horizon and the Part of Fortune in the Bird is a big wake-up call!! You’ll see values that add up to feather the nest as birds migrate over to a new grid and get settled in. As first responders, be prepared to witness the era of a new dawn.

Thank you to all my Readers and Listeners the Zodiac Muse and the Blog appreciate you!

Flying Stars shifted again for October into the first week of November. Stay turned to the Zodiac Muse for the up coming podcast episode on how this cosmic event affects your Lucky Stars.

China Rose
China Rose

Author and Artist China Rose reads the signs and navigates the Lucky Stars for the luck of your life!

Snake New Moon 2021

Earth has a New Snake Moon and Sun on May 11th at 12:01 PM on the West Coast, Pacific Daylight time.

Snake New Moon and Sun Podcast

Audio Transcript | May Snake New Moon Podcast episode

May Snake New Moon

Cosmic Star Chart Graphic on KittySol by China Rose. Listeners can follow the chart for this podcast with the special graphic for the May Serpent New Moon and Sun cycle 2021.

30 Day Point

This Sun and Moon provide a snapshot of the Solar Eclipse coming in June. Ecliptic 30 Day Point’s offer us a window into what to expect. Sometimes we heed the message and other times we simply brush it off but I find it’s beneficial to pay attention to the themes.

The powers that be will ordain a new brand of royalty at the top of the chart where a royal flush of transitional planets and aspects join this Snake New Moon and Sun.

Hobby Horse

The Snake’s Peach Blossom sign is the Red Horse and it’s amplifying it’s magic with Venus, the Node and Mercury in an extra special alignment to the new moon and sun. Things will come together in a big way for those who share these chart connections.

Monkey Shines

The Part of Fortune on the Ascendant gives the Monkey a spotlight on fun. Monkey is the Snake’s Super Buddy so there’s a very nice symmetry with this chart’s key components. Look for projects, processes and new opportunities to come into better than usual, good fortunes.


The Hare, Goat and Dog all have a special affinity with Snake. The Ox and Bird are part of Snake’s Mystic Triad so psychic vibes will be running high. Dragon shares the Southeast section of the compass with the Snake and these two join forces when the spirit moves them.

Jupiter enters the Hare

Snakes are natural Seer’s and on May 13th the Grand Duke Jupiter is positively ravishing as he enters the Hare sign. This oracle offers us yet another preview for a sneak peak at the coming year 2022. Jupiter will only get a few degrees into the Hare before turning retrograde on June 20th. And by July 22nd Jupiter is back in the Tiger to complete his Astro year.

Saturn Back Track

Saturn will back track in the earlier stages of the Tiger on it’s two and half year sojourn by going retrograde on May 23rd. This renovation period signals a revamp to retool our ideals. Generational shifts get a tap on the shoulder by infusing dreams into our waking world.

Here are all your Lucky Stars for the Zodiac signs for the Snake New Moon and Sun cycle in 2021:


Rat sign Kittysol

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Stars for the Rat sign and Sagittarius constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Rat and Sagittarius at present. Rats are a low ebb on this chart and might find things slow or delayed in this cycle. This is a good time to take a breather before things heat up on the coming eclipse for the full Rat Moon on May 23rd.

May Flying Stars in the North direction of Career, for the Rat signs are unlucky. The Danger Star 7 is exhausted by the natural water element in the North direction of Career. Get some rest.


Ox sign KittySol

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Stars for the Ox sign and Capricorn constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Ox and Capricorn have Pluto going retrograde at 26 degrees. The Ox is part of the Snake’s Mystic Triad and this cycle will enhance your profile and improve your networking skills.

Flying Stars for the Ox in the Northeast sector of Production and Administration for the Ox signs are unlucky with the Accident Star 5. This can cause a lot of noise and rattle your nerves. Practice some form of relaxation and avoid life altering changes at this time.


Tiger Sign KittySol

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Stars for the Tiger sign and Aquarius constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Tiger and Aquarius have Saturn at 13 degrees and Jupiter slipping into the Hare at 29 degrees. This will extend Tiger’s influence and increase your work duties. It’s best if you embrace added responsibility as soon it will be budding and bearing new fruits.

May Flying Stars for the Tiger in the Northeast direction for Knowledge and Scholarship are unlucky with the Accident Star 5 causing all manner of troubles. The best thing to do is stay cool and hold back on any big moves or formal changes until the situation evolves next month.


Hare Sign KittySol

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Stars for the Hare sign and Pisces constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Hare and Pisces have the Lord of the Underworld, planet Neptune at 22 degrees. This can feel a bit overbearing at times with so much ambition driving you to become something and transform. The truth is though that bunnies can just be lucky and fluffy by tinkling their noses and wiggling their tails.

May Flying Stars in the East direction of Health and Family and for the Hare signs are lucky with the 9 Star of Ripening. Do all the things you love and enjoy yourself.


Dragon sign KittySol

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Stars for the Dragon sign and Aries constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Dragon and Aries have Chiron at 11 degrees and it’s like a gift that just keeps giving. The world is being re-shaped by this little rock in a distant place so keep things in perspective. Everything has weight and value, nothing is overlooked.

May Flying Stars for the Dragon in the Southeast direction of Abundance are lucky with the Miracle Star 1 of Love and Money. Little things will have plenty of meaning and grow to become something amazing.


Snake sign KittySol

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Stars for the Snake sign and Taurus constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Snake and Taurus are a royal flush with the chart Crown at 4 degrees, Uranus at 11 degrees and the Sun and New Moon at 21 degrees. Life as you know it is being reshaped and reborn. This can feel awkward at first but soon you’ll see this is a turning point with a plot twist that moves your story onto a whole new plateau.

May Flying Stars for the Snake sign in the Southeast direction of Income are lucky with the Miracle Star 1 of Love and Money. You’ll magnetically attract your hearts desire and dreams can come true, automatically.


Horse sign KittySol

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Stars for the Horse sign and Gemini constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Horse and Gemini are a connecting loop with Venus at 3 degrees, the Node at 10 degrees and Mercury at 12 degrees. This opens windows of opportunity for the many who have been holding out for hope. Now better than expected results can crop up.

May Flying Stars in the South direction of Fame and Promotion for the Horse sign are lucky. The Victory Star 6 brings your efforts to fruition and ships will port with goods and services in tow.


Goat sign KittySol

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Stars for the Goat sign and Cancer constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Goat and Cancer have Mars at 11 degrees putting you under a lot of pressure to perform. Keep in mind this kind of energizer is best if it’s paced and not allowed to run wild because it will burn out to quickly. Just ease-up and let love shine in it’s time.

May Flying Stars for the Goat sign in the Southwest direction of Love are lucky. The Wealth Star 8 brings new assets and growth to your portfolio of possibilities.


Monkey sign KittySol

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Stars for the Monkey sign and Leo constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

Planetary Influences for the Monkey and Leo have the Ascendant horizon at 16 degrees with the Part of Fortune. This is very fortuitous for the Monkey with a spotlight to highlight your talents and broaden your influence. Act on inspiration and follow through.

May Flying Stars for the Monkey sign in the Southwest direction of Relationships are lucky. The Wealth Star 8 delivers loads of resources and plenty support that can keep the ball rolling.


Bird sign KittySol

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Stars for the Bird sign and Virgo constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Bird and Virgo at present. As one of Snake’s Mystic Triad with the Ox, Bird’s will find they are highly favored in this cycle with great good fortunes to brighten your days.

May Flying Stars in the West direction of Talent and Creativity and for the Bird signs are lucky. The Peach Blossom Star 4 brings social luck and academic success that Bird’s adore. Social luck is buzzing and activities are expanding to keep you going in the right direction


Dog sign KittySol

Dog | Libra

Lucky Stars for the Dog sign and Libra constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Dog and Libra at present. Dogs have a low rung on this chart and might feel under the weather or be accident prone. This is a good time to lay low and let the storms in life blow past you.

May Flying Stars for the Dog sign in Northwest direction of Travel and are unlucky. The Fighting Star 3 makes a mess up your best intentions. Just be as quiet as possible. Tone it down.


Pig sign KittySol

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Stars for the Pig sign and Scorpio constellation on this Serpent New Moon and Sun.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Pig and Scorpio at present. Pigs are dragging the anchor in this chart and lucky for the Pig signs this is exactly where they discover hidden treasures. Seek and ye shall find.

May Flying Stars for the Pig sign in the Northwest direction of Benefits are unlucky. The Fighting Star 3 can make a mountain out of a mole hill. Mind your manners and watch your words. better yet just stay out of any conversation that gets weird.

Thank you to all my readers and listeners.

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  • Jupiter enters the Hare sign May 13th!
  • May 14th is China Rose’s 62nd Solar Return!
  • May 20th the Sun enters the Horse sign.
  • Saturn goes retrograde May 23rd.
  • May 26th Total Lunar ~ Full Moon eclipse in the Rat.
  • Mercury goes retrograde May 29th.
  • Memorial Day USA May 31st.
  • June 4th Monthly Flying Stars change.
  • Horse New Moon Solar Eclipse June 10th.
  • Summer Solstice June 20th

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