Tiger Sun and Super New Moon | January 2023

Last Saturday, January 21st at 12:55 PM Pacific Time we had a Super New Moon in perigee. The New Moon while still invisible was at its closet distance to Earth giving this Super New Moon, extra potency.

Audio Transcript: Tiger Sun and Super New Moon | January 2023

Podcast Episode: Tiger Sun and Super New Moon | January 2023

Tiger Sun | January 2023

Just after midnight on January 20th the Sun entered the sign of the Tiger. Happy birthday to everyone born in the month of the Tiger. In Western Astrology it’s the constellation Aquarius.

Tiger’s part of the Power Triad with the Horse and Dog signs. Their super buddy is the Pig and the Green Hare is Tiger’s Peach Blossom sign. On the compass Tiger sits in the Northeast Palace of Scholarship and is home to Patriarch Luck and the Brotherhood.

Known best for their vision Tiger’s are magnanimous people. This Tiger month is salt and peppered with sweet and savory adventures. A pagoda is an auspicious symbol for Tiger signs. As the Sun shines for Tiger they can recharge their inner wellspring.

Tiger Super New Moon | January 2023

This ultra special Super New Moon is in perigee making it the closest moon to our Earth since the dark ages nearly a thousand years ago.

The Tiger Sun and New Moon pair is a phase that last about 12.5 days and comes to fruition on the Tiger Full Moon, August 1st which is also a Super Moon.

A Tiger month is a great time to seek insights and act on inspiration. As New Moon’s go they’re often a good time to start or launch projects and ideas. The Super in this Moon gives it some extra sauce to enliven the spirits and seek the high road!

Gray Water Hare | 2023

The Gray Water Hare happens once every 60 years and in various cultures it is also known as the Rabbit, Bunny or Cat. In ancient folklore Hare is born with its eyes open. On the western side Hare aligns with Pisces constellation.

Out of a hat or by the foot, Hare’s are legendary for their Magic. On the compass Hare sits in the East Palace of Health and family, home to the Tree of Life. Hare is part of the Compassion Triad with Pig and Goat signs.

Dog is Hare’s super buddy and Blue Rat is Hare’s Peach Blossom sign. Green Hare is a Peach Blossom sign for Dog, Horse and Tiger. Always on the go, Bunnies are energized! In 2023 we have a small water element. Like morning dew, it dries quick. For peak performance finish early.

Mercury Moon and Saturn Venus

Some of the most unique cosmic events this year are the conjunctions between Mercury and the Moon and Saturn with Venus. As the Sun moved to the Tiger January 20th planet Mercury and Moon were conjunct in the Ox creating a solid framework for production.

Mercury and the Moon are both traveling forward at pace offering us all a positive cosmic event to boost our progress on the wheel of life. The following day Saturn runs rings around Venus in the Tiger. Saturn and Venus are also traveling on a forward trajectory.

Saturn is an outer rim planet and Venus is an inner rim planet. These combined forces create a diamond studded event for Lady Luck. As Venus moves past Grandfather Time she’s enshrined in good vibes with generous swag, bag.

Uranus Direct | January 22nd

Finally after a long-haul, backward phase planet Uranus goes forward in the Snake. Uranus moves sideways on the elliptic and is called the planet of Chaos for being unconventional. Uranus is an ice giant. The abominable Yeti of the solar system.

This cold, mysterious beast upsets the status quo at-an excruciatingly, slow tempo. While Uranus transits the Snake money markets grind out a different pathway than we see coming.

This bone crusher make changes whether we like them or not. Braking up stalemates and dismantling roadblocks Uranus is known as the 7 year itch; for taking 7 years to transit each sign. Uranus dissolves anything in it’s way or past it’s prime.

Flying Stars | January 2023

We are now at the tail end of last years cycle. Annual Flying Stars and Monthly Flying Stars will both change on February 4th. Let the tide go out before the new comes in. Clear your space and reset your feng shui for the coming cycle starting on February 4th.

Lucky Specials | January 2023

Fire Star 9 flies to the Heart Center spinning good or bad depending on how you wing it. If things are not good, reverse course, change direction. Avoid any big life changes.

Ming Tang flies across the Southeast, South and Southwest for the Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat and Monkey signs. Incomes are flush, promotions are realized and love, triumphs. The good, gets even better.

Lucky Sum of Ten flies to the East in the Hare sign. Health and Family have the Unlucky Danger 7 Star with the Annual, Unlucky Fighting Star 3 forming The Lucky Sum of Ten to ease the rough spots. In matters of the heart look for a happy medium to bridge any divide.

Mountain Star Nine | 2024

Coming in 2024 is a change in the Mountain cycle. There are 24 Mountains each lasting 20 years. This larger cycle on the Flying Star grid brings structural changes. Each of the 24 Mountain cycles starts a new sequence every 20 years.

The Fire Star Nine Mountain cycle is coming in 2024 and will herald big changes in the Lucky Star pattern grid for: homes, offices and life events. Preparations for this shift involve remolding, new construction and pre-planning. Preparations for this change start this year.

Planets | Now

All the planets are now in forward motion on the elliptic grid until April 21st when Mercury retrogrades again. February is an ideal time to weave something new and special into your life tapestry. If your ready for change it’s about to begin!

In this podcast episode you’ll find links on KittySol.com for the best lucky charms, for each Zodiac sign for the Gray Water Hare year. We curate links for good fortune symbols to keep and carry with you. So you can be lucky everywhere all the time.

Please follow, share and subscribe to KittySol and the Zodiac Muse podcast. We appreciate you! Here are all your Lucky Stars for the Zodiac signs on the Tiger Sun and Super New Moon.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Rat Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Rat and Tiger are not in the same zone unless they are part of a person’s chart. Rats run with Dragons and Monkeys. Tiger’s hang out with Horses and Dogs. Not exclusively but generally.

Flying Stars in the Career Palace for Lucky Rat have the unlucky Accident Star 5 causing complications at work. Use added caution and double check your efforts to avoid distress. Cure this star with a 5 element pagoda charm.

Lucky Rat has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Ox Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Ox and Tiger share the Northeast Palace on the compass grid so they are neighborly and can find common ground.

Flying Stars for Lucky Ox in the Northeast Palace of Ancestors and administration have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 causing differences that lead to drama. Nip anything in the bud before it has a chance to grow into a squabble. Trim the hedge and don’t bramble on.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have Mercury at 8 degrees and Pluto at 28 degrees. When the Sun moved to the Tiger the Moon was conjunct to Mercury. So there’s some afterglow of this special event. Pluto is minding his own business.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Tiger Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Tiger and Tiger are a great team. They are traditionalists capable of fantastic feats and have a wild streak. As visionaries Tiger’s take the long view with an open mind.

Flying Stars for Lucky Tiger in the Northeast Palace of Scholarship and Patriarch Luck have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 causing conflict in the Brotherhood. Tiger’s can defeat this Star by staying quiet and away from commotion. Use the Harmony Lock key charm to reduce harm.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have the Sun and Moon at 1 degrees, Venus at 23 degrees and Saturn at 24 degrees. The New Moon and Sun are a super chargers for the Regal Tiger. And the Venus Saturn conjunction is most auspicious for many happy~life experiences.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Hare Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Hare and Tiger are swell in most cases but they don’t fit the classical pairings they are an acquired taste.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare in the East Palace of Health ad Family have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 bringing cuts and setbacks which can be managed when you pick and choose them. But if you just let them go they can be problematic. Cure this star with a protection amulet.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare have Neptune Lord of the Underworld at 23 degrees. Neptune is holding court out in left left field but a parade of planets are coming soon. Use time wisely in the clam before the Zodiac boom.

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Dragon Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Dragon and Tiger were once mates long-long ago. They were too strong to hold a bond and they were divorced in the Zodiac. It’s all ancient history now. Let’s just say it’s for the best and everyone can move on.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon in the Southeast Palace of Abundance have the Lucky Wealth Star 8 bringing good fortunes to increase Dragon’s treasure chest. You can enhance this money luck with a special abundance charm.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dragon have jovial Jupiter at 4 degrees and planetoid Chiron at 12 degrees. This spawns a perpetual hunt for the fountain of youth. New fields of study will branch out and evolve that are lucrative.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Snake Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Snake and Tiger are not a bad mix but they are not a good, long-term relationship bet, either. Sure they like to pal around in the jungle but Tigers live in a cave and Snake sleep up in the trees.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake in the Southeast Palace of Income have the Wealth Star 8 to magnify all your natural charms. Use a Happiness and Wealth amulet to increase this lucky advantage all month long.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have the Node at 9 degrees and Uranus at 14 degrees. Uranus is now going forward. But it takes a little while to press-out all the wrinkles in time. The Node is sure to open new doors sooner than expected so be ready for success to find you.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Horse Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Horse and Tiger are part of the same Triad they make excellent mates and partners. They’ll go the distance and can be successful. Thick or thin, rich or poor they weather every storm for lasting happiness.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse in the South Palace of Fame and promotion have the Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star to bring social luck and promote your assets. Pass examinations or score a perfect date, you can improve this good fortune with a Ru Yi charm.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have the Ascendant horizon at 6 degrees with the Part of Fortune and Mars at 8 degrees. This brings money and opportunity knocking on your door.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Goat Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Goat and Tiger are not a traditional set of signs with their varied interests. Goats are creatives types and Tigers are Captain’s of Industry. As friends they get along fine. Tiger is a tolerant sign and Goats are easy going.

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat in the Southwest Palace of Love have the Lucky Victory Star 6 fly in with Winner’s Luck to beat the competition. Boost this Lucky Star with a Victory Luck amulet.

Lucky Goat has no Planets and Aspects at present.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Monkey Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Monkey and Tiger are great on stage or around town but out in the country they can be competitive. These two big personas need a lot of extra space to roam around.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey in the Southwest Palace of Relationships have the Lucky Victory Star 6 giving Monkey a nice sheen during awards season. This is Winner’s luck Monkey can take to the bank or display on the shelf. Enhance your chances with a special amulet.

Lucky Monkey has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Bird Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023 | 2023

Lucky Bird and Tiger make a unlikely pair. Birds get their feathers ruffled easily every time Tiger yawns or roars. These two generally take-off in different directions.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Bird in the West Palace of Children and Creativity have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 making things damp and uncomfortable. Stay warm, get extra rest and keep away from crowds. Use a Wo Lu key chain to add positive vibes and lighten your spirits.

Lucky Bird have no Planets or Aspects at present.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Dog Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 20233

Lucky Dog and Tiger are part of the Power Triad with the Horse sign. These two make long term mates for lasting happiness, ever after. Dogs are loyalists and Tigers have great fidelity.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dog in the Northwest Palace of Travel and courts have the Lucky Star 1 of Love, Money and Miracles. Dogs can boost their love and money luck with a Pi Xao charm. For added Miracles just put some sparkle on.

Lucky Dog has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Pig Lucky Charm for Hare Year | 2023

Lucky Pig and Tiger are two peas in a pod. Tiger is the Pig’s super buddy and Kindred Spirit. These two get along well as friends, close family members or lovers these two can enjoy the best life has to offer.

Flying Stars for Lucky Pig in the Northwest Palace of Assets and benefits have the Lucky Star 1 of Money, Love and Miracles. Lucky Pig can carry the Moon Rabbit charm to enhance good fortunes, inspire love luck and shower you with fairy favors!

Lucky Pig has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Cosmic Calendar | February 2023

On the next episode: Coming Soon to KittySol and the Zodiac Muse

  • JAN 30th to 31st: Moon will occult Mars
  • FEB 4th: Annual and Monthly Flying Stars change
  • FEB 5th: Monkey Full Moon
  • FEB 14th: Valentine’s Day
  • FEB 15th: Hare exalted Venus and Neptune conjunct
  • FEB 18th: Sun enters the Hare with Tiger Moon and Mercury conjunct
  • FEB 19th: Hare Supra New Moon

Happy Grey Water Hare New Year 2023!

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